CCTV economic channel re quoted the attention of bitcoin news encryption currency “mine disaster”

On the evening of December 5th, the CCTV2 economic channel broadcast the “bitcoin” storm “storm”. The program said the bitcoin fell by 30% in just half a month, down 70% from the highest point last year, resulting in a big storm in the bitcoin mine.

CCTV reporters not only investigated the current mining situation of the bitcoin mining machine, but also went to Inner Mongolia to explore the operation status of the large mining field. The news said about 1 million 300 thousand of the mainstream miners turned off in the wave of the bitcoin slump, and the hash rate dropped again and again, and many hardware dealers stopped selling bitcoin operations.

It is reported that this is the second recent CCTV comparison special currency reported. In November 21st, the CCTV financial channel also carried out a special report on the recent tumble of the special currency. The report said BCH’s hard branching caused a slump in bitcoin, and CCTV reports showed that the current global market value of encrypted currencies was $82 billion, down 75% compared with the high value of last year in December.

With the collapse of the price of bitcoin, enterprises, mines, exchanges, projects and sectors related to the block chain are experiencing a very difficult period. Industry veteran predicts that 95% of the block chain will leave, and 80% of the mines will go bankrupt.

CCTV financial channel frequently broadcast bitcoin slump related news, also enough to see the current situation of encrypted currency market worried.

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