“Chain gains early newspaper” NASDAQ plans to launch bitcoin futures in the first half of 2019 only for regulatory approval

Early newspaper of the chain. 8 in the early December 4, 2018

Details of early morning plate:

The chain won ChainDD12 4 month market show, comprehensive gain index and trading platform Binance quotation:

BTC bitcoin was $3919.65, and it fell about 3% in 12 hours.

The ETH ether workshop was $108.8, and the 12 – hour fall was about 4.4%.

BCH ABC reported $158.15, and a 12 – hour drop of about 6.5%.

BCHSV was $93.88, and it fell about 0.8% in 12 hours.

XRP the dollar was $0.35134, and it fell about 3.2% in 12 hours.

Chain cycle dynamics:

Ohio seven fund will start a total of $300 million for the block chain within three years

According to local media Northeast Ohio, the CEO Ray Leach of JumpStart, a non-profit organization, announced at the Blockland Solutions meeting that by the end of 2021, seven funds in Ohio would invest $300 million for start-ups in the block chain.

Leach said the fund will invest $100 million in the start-up “initial stage” companies, which focus on the application of block chain technology for enterprises or government. Another 200 million dollars will be considered in the block chain organization that works with the Ohio social welfare program Opportunity Zones.

The government of Thailand is considering the use of block chains to combat tax fraud

According to the Bangkok post, the Thailand tax bureau is considering the use of block chain technology to prevent false tax reporting in VAT declaration. Ekniti Nitithanprapas, director of the Thailand tax bureau, said that the block chain would help to identify VAT invoices and help eliminate invoices. The tax bureau also plans to use new technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data, to combat tax evasion and tax fraud.

The Tencent will support innovative technology such as the block chain of HSBC’s Hang Seng Bank.

According to the Tencent, the Tencent and HSBC’s Hengsheng bank announced in November 29th that it has become a strategic partner in financial science and technology, cooperation or research in the fields of science and technology application, the opening process and the retail payment.

In the application of science and technology, the Tencent will provide artificial intelligence, machine learning, block chain and other innovative scientific and technological support for Hengsheng. Through the design and development of innovative information technology solutions, the user experience and operational efficiency are enhanced.

Currency circle dynamics:

The vice president of NASDAQ confirmed that bitcoin futures will be introduced in the first half of 2019

Joseph Christinat, the vice president of the NASDAQ media team, confirmed to the daily express that bitcoin futures will be listed on NASDAQ and should be launched in the first half of next year. At present, NASDAQ is waiting for the approval of the CFTC.

Christinat stressed that Nasdaq has spent much of this year working on the introduction of bitcoin futures and has been paying attention to encrypted currencies for some years. Five years ago, when the block chain sprouted, NASDAQ stepped into the field.

This means that Nasdaq will be the third mainstream exchange in the United States to enter the encrypted currency market. Last December, the US biggest option exchange Cboe, the world’s largest futures exchange, and the CME, the United States, launched their own bitcoin futures contracts.

App previously mentioned that, in November 28th, Bloomberg News reported that the Nasdaq stock exchange still hopes to launch its own bitcoin futures contract in the first quarter of 2019, despite a year of encrypted currency tumbling. Before launching such products, NASDAQ is trying to dispel the concerns of CFTC, the top financial derivatives regulator in the United States.

Bitcoin futures fell more than 3% to $3800, a new low since Tuesday

On December 3rd, the two major US exchange’s bitcoin futures contracts fell more than 3%, fell for three days, closed close to $3800, a new low since Tuesday, a record low of two consecutive days last week, a drop of about 6%, a drop of five weeks, and a 37% drop in November.

The world’s largest futures exchange and CME bitcoin futures BTC fell about 3.31% to $3800 in January, falling about 5.87% in November 30th on the last trading day, up to $3930, falling more than 5.87 last week and down by about 37.07% in November.

The Cboe bitcoin futures contract of the US top option on January fell by about 3.37% to $3802.5, a 30 day drop of about 3.91%, $3935, a 6.09% drop last week, and a drop of more than 37.09% in November.

The U. S. Department of homeland security is considering tracking privacy – based encrypted currency transactions

The newly announced notifications published by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) small enterprise innovation research project showed that DHS mainly discussed and searched for methods. If private encrypted currency was used in criminal activities, it was analyzed.

In the discussion, DHS specifically pointed out that Zcash and Monroe currency platforms emphasize privacy and anonymity as key functions of their own, so it is difficult to determine the source and number of the transactions. These features make it an urgent interest to track whether transactions on block chains are illegal to become DHS.

DHS calls for a solution, an investigation of the nature of the law enforcement, and an analysis of the block chain transactions. Analysis can be done in any way, which may consider use cases in different data environments, depending on whether additional data can be obtained from the source of the chain.

The document itself is not called for a proposal, but means that DHS does not seek specific solutions at the moment. Interested parties can contact the author of the document by December 18th to provide comments or technical questions. The actual collection of opinions is expected to be released around December 19th.

Daily economic news: OKEx has been laid down or hidden by 1/4 token

On the 3 day of the daily economic news, with the disillusionment of the air and the cold of the inability to keep the currency, the once droughts and droughts were unable to hang on to the ugly face, and began to start a large number of dead air coins.

According to CoinMarketCap data, OKEx is the second largest encrypt currency exchange in the world. Reports say, rough statistics, OKEx has recently been down, hidden 1/4 tokens, involving more than 180 transactions, more than 150 kinds of token. Compared with the high point at the end of last year, the volume of the whole market is also falling by 80%.

App news of the chain has been mentioned, in November 27th OKEx announcement that the deletion of 39 token transactions, involving 39 kinds of token. The report said it was the third time that OKEx had cut down the currency and trade pairs in the last four months.

The Swiss financial market regulator will enact new licences for block chain companies

The Swiss financial market regulator (FINMA) has issued a guide to provide a new financial technology licence for the block chain and the encrypted currency Domain company.

The licence is an amendment to the Bank Law (article 1b of the bank law). The FINMA guidelines allow licensees to accept a maximum of 100 million Swiss francs (about $108 million 900 thousand), as long as they invest in these funds and do not pay interest.

From January 1st next year, the block chain and the encrypted currency Domain company will be able to apply for this license. Applicants must provide a large number of details of financial technology projects, including business introduction, business financing plans, asset storage methods, risk management, and anti money laundering policies.

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