Chain Games launched a fair verifiable bitcoin game

Chain Games launched a fair verifiable bitcoin game

Bitcoin and network game seems to have been the best partner. Every day online game platform, the use of bitcoin as a currency of choice or token are increasing, especially online bitcoin and gambling game.

Moreover, the number of bitcoin gambling and casino game providers are also increasing. ChainGames is such a company just entering the market. This home is located in Costa Rica game development company, recently announced the first launch two games — fancy roulette and fancy slot machine, this is the two game online casino gaming platform game player favorite Ribet coin.

ChainGames games can be very convenient in their client sites. The game is based on HTML5 embedded without spending too much time, all you need to do is to introduce two HTML code on the website.

ChainGames will charge 30% of the fee from the hands of the operator. Operators can get every game revenue 70%. ChainGames to ensure fair play in the game player can provide their platform, in order to let the game player who verify each round offers a completely random number, it can be verified in the open and verifiable bonus table.

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