Challenge content platform, Primas tries to break the monopoly

nReporter: pencil leadn
nIn today’s era of information big bang, how to deal with and deal with the vast expanse of information is everyone’s challenge. For the general public, from such a huge number of screening for their own useful information is clearly difficult.n
nDriven by growing user market demand, some central content platforms, such as portals, social networks and search engines, have emerged. These platforms through the index and integration of resources, greatly improve the efficiency of access to information services to facilitate the people’s lives. Now, the public user can always search or browse the platform on the recommendation, access to the information you want to find.n
nHowever, with some influential content platform continues to grow and develop, its drawbacks are gradually emerging.n
nRecently, the EU on Google out of the history of the largest antitrust ticket. The European Commission announced on June 27 that Google’s ability to manipulate search results in search results, giving its own Internet service, Google Shopping, offered a better ranking to harm the business of other competitors, constitutes a misuse of market dominance, and thus Decided to Google to 2.42 billion euros (about 2.7 billion US dollars) fine.n
nCentralized platform “distorted” content presentationn
nThe Google incident reflects the content platform for content display control and intervention, and this is not the first time Google for the reason for being investigated and questioned.n
nJune 9, 2016, a section of the video sharing in Youtube triggered a high degree of concern. Video Podcasts SourceFed reveals a new discovery in which the search engine Google is trying to eliminate negative news that is not conducive to Hillary Clinton’s search for the recommended option (that is, the possible combination offered by the user when entering the search keyword) for reasons that can not be confirmed The It is reported that Google’s former CEO Schmidt’s current company to invest in support for the Hillary Clinton team to provide large data analysis services company.n
nIt can be seen that even companies that claim “no evil” are driven by commercial interests. When the search engine driven by the interests of the search results to modify the search results are no longer objective and complete, then the user is lost in the information acquisition initiative.n
nCorresponding to the search, in the recommended system, the user is usually passive acceptance of information, the demand is also fuzzy and not clear. Modern content recommendation engine through the personal preferences of the collection and analysis, to predict the user’s preferences for the content, and the contents of the initiative to push to the user.n
nPortal and social platform content recommendation engine greatly reduces the user access to information on the threshold, but also brought more serious problems. The recommendation engine will recommend the “likes” content for us, and filter out the “do not like” content, which will lead us to see the information will tend to a smaller range, like we are trapped In a small “information bubble” in the same.n
nIn this case, the search results presented on the content platform and related recommendations are artificially interfered with, resulting in incomplete information presentation, which may eventually lead to misleading users who wish to obtain valid information.n
nInformation credibility and privacy issuesn
nWhile searching, recommending, and subscribing to these tools can make information easier to obtain, but can not solve the problem of information credibility, most of the information on the Internet only URL (URL) and content information itself, the same information is disseminated after multiple information Itself may be intentionally or unintentionally changed, and some changes may even lead us to the opposite of the original information.n
nIn real life, when we see multiple similar information, it is difficult to distinguish which is the original information, which is a modified information. Which one is really believable, which one is fictitious. And as mentioned above, when the search and recommendation have been interference by human factors, it will reduce the credibility of the content presented.n
nAt the same time, when we use the search engine and content App, the background will collect a lot of use of data, such as the use of account registration information and users to read historical data to record user characteristics. On the one hand, the centralized platform uses the user’s privacy data to obtain a lot of interest; on the other hand, these privacy information is often faced with the risk of being leaked.n
nThe user’s identity information and the use of habits and so can be easily found, and may even be internal staff to steal for the black market user information transactions, the user’s privacy is difficult to be guaranteed.n
nThe solution to the block chainn
nWhether it is “search” or “recommendation”, are the central institutions based on machine algorithms to filter and filter information, on the one hand the central organization is difficult to avoid malicious human intervention, on the other hand large-scale machine algorithm implementation will Inevitably exacerbate the Matthew effect – the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weak, resulting in a faster performance of the content to form a power-law distribution – only less than 20% of the content occupied our eye.n

nAnd the centralization of the organization can not solve the credibility of the information and the user’s privacy for effective protection.n
nSo how do you get the information you really need?n
nBlock chain is a “real record of the fact that the large chain”, through a distributed way to record data in a non-tampering public books, so that more people can enjoy the real and trustworthy information, the real realization of the information Internet to the value of the Internet. In the field of application of content in block-chain technology, it can solve the problem that the central structure can not solve, improve the credibility and completeness of content presentation, and fully open source and transparent algorithm and application will make the privacy of users Then
nPrimas came into beingn

n n
nThe Center for Primas will address this issue through community and socialized referrals for human intervention in the center of the organization.n
nFrom a practical point of view, socialization recommendations are more efficient than algorithms. Primas gathers people who share common interests, shared values, and shared expectations through the establishment of an information community, and further evaluates the credibility of the information within the system.n
nIn the Primas client, the community is the main form of information organization, whether new or external content through the community after the release, through the evaluation of community users to do further communication. The quality of the community is determined by the contribution of all the individuals in the community, and the community rating in turn affects the quality of the content in the community.n

nThe original block chain CTO nectar introduction:n
nn”On the Primas platform, users can choose which communities they are interested in, and all communities are user-specific, ensuring that they are not manipulated by any centralized algorithm. All other and content-related algorithms are open source and transparent The user can also participate in the optimization of the algorithm.n
nnIn addition, Primas can solve the recommended limitations of the problem at the same time, through the introduction of multi-dimensional metadata Metadata to enhance the credibility of the content.n
nWith regard to privacy protection, in the Primas network, all information that must be disclosed, such as author and transaction information, is open and transparent, and the relevant information is recorded in the block chain. And user browsing records and privacy-related information will not be recorded and uploaded, and fully protect the user’s privacy.n
nWhen talking about the block chain, the original CEO Wu Peng has said:n
nn”As a new technology, the most important part of the block chain is that it reduces the value of the Internet and every individual in society.”n
nnIt now appears that the original block chain of the new Primas is the center of the Internet content platform there are many drawbacks of the situation came into being, not only for the user to provide a convenient, but also to restore the search, recommendation and content display Its own value.n

nPrimas for the continuous production of high-quality content, provides a new guarantee ideas and methods. In line with the project, the original team will be August 1, open Primas ICO, sell PST (PrimasToken). As a project that is expected to refactor the entire content production industry, the pencil will continue to be reported in the near future. For more information, please click Primas’s official website or scan the following two-dimensional code.n


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