Change the strength of the block chain

nnnRush when comment: understanding of the block chain and other technological innovation, and its potential for change. The Australian government has recently released a chain of chain science research in the 2016 budget. Stressed that Australia wants to become a global block chain technology leader. And New Zealand’s power in agricultural production and commodity supply chain management offers tremendous opportunities for agricultural block chain solutions. Chain-chain research in the supply chain and food sector has been carried out globally.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nAt the same time referred to the block chain and agriculture, can not help but think of heavy chain dragged the work of agricultural vehicles picture.n
nIt seems that this is a metaphor. As with the physical chain, the block chain directly connects the parties to achieve rapid, safe and borderless transactions.n
nBlock chains are often confused with digital currency bitmaps and “dark” encryption networks, which are often seen as esoteric and even horrific.n
nThis is very unfortunate. In fact, the chain of chains will change the way buyers and sellers connect, no matter where they are in the world. And can greatly improve the product source and sales process transparency, even if it becomes part of the finished product.n
nThink fast, safe, transparent, low cost, point-to-point transactions.n
nThe ability of block chains to record and store data makes it ideal for food source applications that meet the massive data requirements of fine agricultural applications for future sensors and digital network connections.n
nThe potential to eliminate the inefficiency of traditional agricultural supply chains will also affect the strategic thinking and positioning of agricultural companies. In fact, the block chain can completely reshape the way the New Zealand market sells and records the source of the exported product.n
nKevin Cooney said that New Zealand agriculture should pay close attention to the development of block-chain technology to ensure that the technology may be able to seize the value of the technology may be unlocked at any time.n
nBlockbuster solutions founder Kickr’s CEO David Cassidy sums up the inevitability of the chain chain, “those who still think about the chain chain is a popular or long-term business architecture part of the people in the dark.”n
nSo what is the block chain?n
nIn simple terms, the block chain forms a trusted network for the sale of goods. The technology itself is a digital chain, each of which is a database backup, echo certification or trusted business users.n
nThe distribution of this database across all users is more powerful than the traditional centralization of a single database that is currently dependent on the enterprise. Its point-to-point management so that it can meet the needs of traceability at any time.n
nThe block chain database synchronizes and updates every transaction that occurs in the network. No one can modify the data is not being perceived and audited by others, it is tamper resistant, so the security is extremely high.n
nCombined with other software, such as smart contracts, block chain users can get the following benefits:n
nn1, the top of the deal can be real real-time transactions, do not need to rely on brokers (such as banks, trading institutions and clearing houses)n
n2, no border transactionsn
n3, the automatic implementation of the contract, real-time elimination of credit riskn
n4, counterparty authenticationn
n5, ultra-high transparency and safe record trackingn
n6, low transaction costsn
nHow does the farmer use it?n
nEarly-based agricultural product trade tests based on block chains show that direct sales of crops to end users are high-speed, safe, and safe for food safety and sources.n
nAt the coast of Tasman, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has recently been involved in the integration of block-and-sensor technology. CBA worked with a US banking organization to help US cotton traders sell cotton to its marketing department in Australia.n
nThe cotton traders do not follow the usual manual credit process waiting for CBA payment, but through the sensor real-time tracking of goods, automatically trigger the goods to verify, and then automatically pay the purchase price.n
nThe block chain provides a higher degree of certainty and reduces the error that will usually take a few days to complete the task with only a few minutes.n
nThink of the possibility of a block-chain solution integrated with data acquisition devices using Internet of Things technology. Buyers may be able to access real-time data on farms and downstream logistics, and know the quantity, quality and status of agricultural products or livestock inspection and quarantine and prices. This efficiency can undermine the information advantage that some intermediaries rely on to exploit the share of profits. Customers and end users will welcome the technology.n
nWal-Mart, one of the world’s largest retailers, uses a large number of data categories for the use of block chains for food recall management.n
nAfter the customer complains, it takes at least a few days, or even weeks, to track the traditional method of retailer from the beginning of the shipment. But Wal-Mart believes that the use of block-chain database, you can determine in detail the origin of the problem food, who completed the product inspection, as well as each packaging situation.n
nThe authenticity of the data and the detailed realization of the enterprise and consumers can trust the product recall strategy.n
nTracking the recall of individual food packaging to Wal-Mart to save money than many stores throughout the product line process to be much more.n
nAlthough the block chain has just developed, but with the practical application of development, people on the block chain of enthusiasm increased.n
nLetting trusted organizations have a seamless and transparent transaction at low cost to consumers of future concerns about food sources and quality, and our large food consumer groups need simple and transparent solutions for food waste and supply chain efficiency management.n
nNew Zealand’s strength in agricultural production and commodity supply chain management gives us the opportunity to develop food and agricultural block chain solutions that can connect, shorten and improve the global supply chain.n
nHowever, if we can not try to understand the technological innovation of the block chain and its potential to change the global agricultural supply chain and services, we will have the risk of losing the strategic position. Industry, government and the entire supply chain cooperation is very important.n
nAustralia knows this. The Australian government has recently released a chain of chain science research in the 2016 budget. Stressed that Australia wants to become a global block chain technology leader, the study found that supply chain management, including trade finance reform, is a potential sector chain use case. So explore the possibility of co-development of business use cases by companies and regulators.n
nNew Zealand should note that we must strengthen the development of world-class national ecosystems, use all the necessary elements to build the best agricultural environment, lay the foundation for the base application.n
nBlock chains may be an important part of New Zealand’s agriculture gaining more profits.n

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