Changing Signals, in the end what is the encryption market around?

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His family has exceeded Ma and Liu Qiang East and Ma Huateng not forget to learn the blockchain, recently he was in the circle of friends, “Professor Zhang Shousheng: blockchain technology is a new turning point in the Internet world turning point” article, Zhang Shousheng said the world of life Contrary to the physical world, we reduce our entropy and increase the entropy around us. If consensus is reached, entropy reduction will reach an orderly state.n

In my opinion, with the passage of time, the entropy increase in the physical world is the norm, that is, it always leads to disorder and chaos. Encryption asset market is no exception, it is precisely because of the constant influx of players into this market and the size of the market value of encrypted assets, the game of fortune in the encrypted asset market year round will be more intense.n
In January, many interesting things happened: Xu Xiaoping’s “All in” blockchain, Kookmin Bank of Korea will stop supporting exchange deposits and withdrawals, giant Ali’s Taobao technology sector blockchain experts, the Mavericks said it will next season Accepting encrypted assets to pay, to earn 100 billion bitcoin miners said they would rather eat mustard is not to sell the money, the SEC said it will continue to crack down on illegal activities in the field of encrypted assets, Kaspersky said co-founder of bitcoin behind a group of United States Intelligence agency……n
All of these events can be easily categorized as Signals, which signify in fact the different attitudes of different individuals in different countries in the same field in different countries, and because they have their own strengths and differences or intersections Of the audience, these Signals interaction play with each other, so that the formation of the existing complex and volatile market.n

The vast sky comes from the interaction between many celestial bodiesn
If you want to use a more abstract word to describe these Signals, it must be “consensus”, because behind each Signal represents the perception of different groups. Coincidentally, the price volatility of encrypted assets can be quantified and evaluated in detail, and you can clearly point out the volatility of each asset, even to many decimal places.n
Given that, is there a solution that packages Signals representing consensus in the current marketplace and quantifies the accuracy of the consensus behind these Signals based on the deterministic results based on 0-100% probability events?n
In a complex information system, what can reflect the mutual interaction of various factors play a mutual shift in the process? There is no doubt that the field of encryption assets really is too suitable! All the complex information in this area can eventually be transformed into a recognizable number.n
So far we have seen a lot of interesting applications trying to do this, starting with predicting market adoption led by Augur and Gnosis, encouraging people to contribute their message through economic incentives, and blocking users by setting a cost threshold Invalid or even inferior information, through the quantification of the results to extract valuable and identifiable information. In the process, the quantifiable results and the changes in the results reflect the accuracy of these consensus in the real world.n

Predicting market outcomes is usually a two-factor, ie not-or-no, whereas in a marketplace the accuracy of a consensus can be quantified to a few percent by the final computable result. In the trading market I will use “Signals Network” trading strategy application as an example to describe how it is to quantify the accuracy of consensus.n
The reason why the name “Signals Network” is precisely to describe and capture the market signals (Signals).n

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