Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, said he had sold all of Litecoin

nRunaway Comment: As Litecoin prices rise and attract more attention, Litecoin founders have also brought their own words and deeds. He was accused of manipulating prices while posting a price forecast while trading on Litecoin. To this end, he announced that it has sold or donated in batches of Litecoin held. And holding a small number, so no effect on the market. And a few hours before Coinbase announced its support for Bcash, the exchange rate had to investigate whether there was insider trading.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Litecoin founders have sold all their Litecoin holdings.n
Charlie Lee, who started Litecoin in 2011, said on Reddit that it has taken days to “sell and donate” all the Litecoin he holds, except to keep some physical tokens as “favorites.”n
Lee said he tweeted on the occasional criticism that digital currency prices are “personal.”n
n”Some people even think I’m short of Litecoin, so in a way, it’s a conflict of interest because I hold bitcoin and post tweets about it because of my influence.”n
nn”I often refrain from buying or selling Litecoin before and after posting important information on Twitter, but this is only what I know, and there are always people who doubt if my actions add personal wealth to themselves in the light of the success of Litecoin and cryptocurrency.”n
nLast week, Lee said he did not want to guess the price because he was “always wrong.”n
n”If you tell me it’s going to go up, but it’s not, you’re going to be frustrated.”n
nLitecoin prices have risen significantly more than once this month. It hit an all-time high of $ 375.29 on Tuesday, up more than 7,000% from the beginning of the year.n
Sales volume “did not collapse the market”n
The founder of Litecoin did not disclose the exact number of tokens to be sold, but said it was “a small fraction” of the daily volume of GDAX crypto exchanges and did not “crash the market.”n
Lee has even been accused of manipulating bcash (bitcoin cash) to buy bitcoin blockchain.n
He said in Reddit:n
n”Some people even think I’m going to bet on Bcash for my own benefit, as if I can not win it.”n
nAfter Coinbase announced its support for Bcash, the price hike was controversial. The exchanges show that this feature has been temporarily removed due to “significant volatility.”n
After the exchange said Bcash prices rose hours before offering this feature and would investigate allegations of insider trading.n

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