Chicago launched bitcoin trading simulator

Chicago launched bitcoin trading simulator


December 27th, from the launch of bitcoin futures is less than two weeks, Chicago posted a tweet that has launched its bitcoin futures simulator. This tool can provide practice bitcoin futures trading opportunities for investors, there is no risk of capital loss, and can make the experienced investors in the test platform, zero risk environment trial new trading strategy.

The launch of this market simulator tool aims to attract more participants to Chicago the bitcoin market, resulting in bitcoin futures contract (CFD) market dominant position.

Chicago is the launch of bitcoin futures in December 18th, become the CBOE second to provide such products for Trendsetter Financial Markets Ltd in the United states. Traders need through large retail brokerage companies to participate in this new market, for example, TDAmeritrade allows its customers CBOE trading futures contracts, and InteractiveBrokers recently announced plans to allow the Chicago as soon as possible futures contracts (now allow their bitcoin trading CBOE CFD). InteractiveBrokers said the deal with their own trading volume of more than half of the CBOE bitcoin futures on the first day, although the platform margin is much higher than CBOE.

Despite the launch of bitcoin futures market triggered a lively discussion, but with the main digital currency exchange transactions in size compared to bitcoin futures trading volume at present is not what. As of this writing, Chicago has sold a total of 1078 contracts, CBOE sold a total of 4790 contracts.

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