China Banking Regulatory Commission, head of financial technology department: the use of scientific and technological means to monitor financial technology


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nRecently, the central bank’s “Financial Times” published on the CBRC financial technology related departments in charge of the interview. It is understood that the CBRC responsible person on the current status of the development of the banking industry, financial technology may bring the risk and the CBRC’s regulatory thinking to answer the reporter’s question.n
nOn the development of the banking industry, the official said, from the banking situation, the current financial and technological activities have been focused on payment and settlement, deposit and loan and capital raising and investment management of these three categories.n
nWhen it comes to the risks that financial technology may bring, he believes that many studies have shown that financial technology is a “double-edged sword”. On the one hand, financial technology is expanding financial services coverage, reducing financial services costs and improving financial services efficiency , The promotion of Pratt u0026 Whitney financial development and other aspects of the benefits of the development of the financial industry more harm than good, should support and encouragement; the other hand, financial technology has also led to new risks, the development of the problem, “Crux”, the right medicine, in promoting development and risk prevention between the balance.n
nThe person in charge said that the study of financial technology, taking into account the upper level of the “financial” nature and the bottom of the “science and technology” nature, to take “two-wheel drive” model, seize the nature of technology-driven, bottom-up, , Information, application to understand, judge, analyze the upper financial activities, with scientific and technological means to monitor financial technology, poke the fog of the phenomenon, to seize the key to develop targeted strategies. At this stage, the study of financial technology should grasp the basic, overall and level.n

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