China payments clearing Association will assist the central bank ban bitcoin

China payments clearing Association will assist the central bank ban bitcoin

The central bank issued the relevant bitcoin documents, to further prevent bitcoin related risk, the payment clearing Association on the domestic market, bitcoin transaction price trend, the domestic and foreign regulatory policy requirements, the rectification unit, and member of bitcoin trading site from Jinhua station path change tracking research, recently released a “bit currency risk prevention monitoring report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report The central bank issued the relevant bitcoin documents, to further prevent bitcoin related risk, association of payment clearing on the domestic market, bitcoin transaction price trend, the domestic and foreign regulatory requirements, a member of the whole “).

In November 30, 2013, bitcoin prices reached a record peak of $1051.55 dollars, with the domestic and foreign regulatory agencies to strengthen supervision of bitcoin, bitcoin has long been speculation accumulation bubble burst gradually, the transaction price shocks showed a downward trend, to April 13, 2013 fell to the lowest point of $412 within half a year.

Bitcoin countries continued to strengthen supervision

The “report” pointed out that, with the rise of bitcoin trading scale, money laundering, speculation, platform run away and other issues continue to expose, part of the national financial regulatory authorities supervision of bitcoin attitude adjustment. Among them, approved or partially recognized bitcoin currency status of the countries and regions, including Germany and Finland; only admit that bitcoin is a special commodity, including the China Hongkong area, Taiwan area, South Korea; cripple bitcoin including Thailand, Brazil and Russia; cautious watching and risk that include the United States, India the European Union, etc..

Our supervision of bitcoin has been strengthened, in December 3, 2013 the central bank and other five ministries issued “notice” on guard against the risk of bitcoin, the central bank again in mid March issued a “notice” on the further strengthening of the bitcoin risk prevention work, only recognize the commodity attribute of bitcoin, requires all financial institutions and Payment institutions shall not directly or indirect provides other bitcoin related services for customers, cut off the transfer way of bitcoin trading platform funds.

Bitcoin risk prevention work progress

In the central bank’s supervision, commercial banks and Payment institutions bitcoin risk prevention work have made corresponding. As of May 12th, there have been 13 banks (including the five major state-owned commercial banks and most of the joint-stock commercial banks and Payment institutions) announcement, said no longer for bitcoin, Wright currency recharge and withdrawals, and provide a service for the purchase and sale of prepaid code.

In addition, the central bank account bitcoin trading site and recharge code trading site and agent of disposal, to cut off the transfer path of bitcoin trading funds. The payment clearing association also bitcoin China, fire currency net 15 bitcoin trading site payment were reviewed, exclude the possibility of this mechanism as access network of merchants, and will review the results feedback to the Association for payment clearing.

“Now through the registration of new companies to open a bank account or third party payment links, will be sealed off the bank or payment company.” Bitcoin vice president China Kang Ling told reporters.

At present, the domestic part of the bitcoin trading platform website has pages open or suspend the RMB recharge business situation. Among them, bitcoin China, fire currency network, OKCoin, bitcoin trading network, China bitcoin, bit, bit times, etc. most of the cattle currency network sites are normally open; FXbtc, BTC and BTC days and star website has been unable to open 42btc; suspended RMB recharge.


The “report” pointed out that the bit money currency trading platform is the basic way to transfer line. Before the rectification, customers think of opening in the bitcoin trading platform accounts filled with money online or offline in five ways, respectively: bank remittance; third party payment transfer; prepaid recharge code; prepaid card recharge; offline cash recharge. After rectification, online recharge path of the major domestic bitcoin trading platform was cut off, but there are still over the agent account. The line transfer funds include counter remittance, transfer, transaction code ATM.

“Are now receiving recharge codes by proxy private bank card money.” Kang Ling said.

The “report” that payments clearing Association member units to verify the association summary and sharing information on the list, after examination and confirmation of the account shall be timely cleaning agent. However, according to the new financial reporter, at present most of these agents can still be used normally.

The “report” also pointed out that there are many sites in the “hidden agents recharge accounts receivable information, hope that people must recharge through QQ and other communication tools and agents, to confirm the transaction intention to acquire the agent accounts receivable information. In addition, the agents in the bank accounts for personal accounts, users do not need to fill in the use of information in the remittance, commercial bank is very difficult to learn the real trading background.

“So, for occult agents strong, require commercial banks and Payment institutions sharing blacklist information, build the whole industry defense mechanism, improve the efficiency of the investigation, the formation of effective blocking”. The “report” pointed out.

The “report” continue to do a good job tracking and monitoring work also pointed out that the proposed member of the association of payment clearing regularly to submit the bitcoin risk prevention work, bitcoin business risk monitoring information, and bitcoin trading site information and other related materials review agent. At the same time, the payment clearing Association and the central bank will strengthen communication, regular collection and sharing of information and the member units.

Chinese payments clearing association is a non-profit social organizations approved by the State Council, the Ministry of Civil Affairs approved the establishment of membership, including banks, Payment institutions, finance companies, third party payment companies. The association of business unit in charge of the people’s Bank of China. The Association member units to promote the realization of common interests for the purpose of the payment and settlement services industry self-regulation, to maintain the payment service market competition order and the legitimate rights and interests of members, to prevent the risk of payment and settlement services.

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