Chinese evening news, Ali drive organization upgrade bitcoin future situation is not optimistic

Today is November 26, 2018, Monday, the 19th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, according to the determination of Chinese seismic network, today at 7:57 in the morning of 24 seconds, Xiamen at a distance of 100 km south east of the Strait of Taiwan 6.2 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 20 km. As a result of the earthquake, Xiamen people generally have a sense, but fortunately, it has not been caused by the earthquake casualties and building damage report. Next, we take a look at what happened today tech news:

1, Ali restructuring, Tmall upgrade to Tmall”

On November 26th news, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong today issued a full open letter, announced the latest upgrade organization ali.

The open letter said, Tmall will become Tmall, Tmall group, Tmall formed the supermarket business group, Tmall import and export business three plates. The original Tmall group president Jing Jie Tmall will continue to serve as president of the business group; former CEO assistant Li Yonghe (old Ding) will serve as the Tmall supermarket business group president; former Tmall Import & Export Division General Manager Liu Peng (Ao Wen) Tmall will continue to serve as the import and export department general manager. Three responsible persons were reported to Zhang Yong.

2, new HUAWEI official declared: full screen is Nova pole, 4?

Today, HUAWEI terminal official micro-blog officially announced that HUAWEI will be officially released in December of a new mobile phone. According to HUAWEI’s official poster display, the mobile phone uses a new pole full screen, this is a full screen form after Liu Haiping, Pearl screen.

Considering the HUAWEI Nova 2S released in December last year, in July 18th this year, HUAWEI in Shenzhen officially released the HUAWEI Nova 3 new mobile phone, if according to the HUAWEI Nova series during the first half of the frequency of updates, we are likely to usher in a new mobile phone nova in December 4.

3, Lenovo three new photo identified: Lenovo Z5s is not called, Lenovo P20 Pro

The head of HUAWEI new mobile phone news has just landed, the Lenovo did not idle. Today, lenovo mobile phone “shopkeeper” Chang Cheng through micro-blog sound, the new name for the Lenovo Z5s, is called “Lenovo P20 Pro”, it seems that the new release is not far away from.

That outflow from the current news, Lenovo Z5s configuration 6.3 inches screen, 3210mAh battery, the whole Netcom Dual SIM card, measurements of 156.7×74.5×7.8mm, the core configuration can make nothing of it temporarily. In addition, it is necessary to point out that, taking into account the new Lenovo Mobile phone has appeared in this situation, the Ministry of industry, we predict that Lenovo Z5s is likely to be released in the near future, perhaps not later than December 31st this year.

4, The same way elong today listed in Hong kong! The market value of up to HK $25 billion 500 million

In November 26th, with Cheng Yilong in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange officially listed Gong, today’s closing price of HK $12.4, compared with HK $9.8 issue price of 26.53%. To the closing price, the market value of HK $25 billion 500 million with Cheng Yilong.

In this regard, said the same way elong co chairman Wu Zhixiang at the scene said: “with the way tourism is a born in Suzhou entrepreneurial team, from a dormitory in Suzhou went to the Hongkong stock exchange took 16 years. The same way elong announced the merger in December last year, over the past year in management efforts and achieved good benefits of integration, the future will focus on product and service innovation, to help consumers travel easier and more happy to provide satisfactory returns to the support of our shareholders.”

5, Alipay: all Jiangsu high-speed toll from today can brush Alipay

This afternoon, Alipay officially announced: from now on, all Jiangsu high-speed toll station can brush alipay.

It is understood that Jiangsu a total of 399 toll stations, 1711 lanes. While the Jiangsu highway access Alipay, Jiangsu shipping region has achieved high-speed, subway, bus, bicycle, maglev, ferry and other three-dimensional travel mobile payments available. In the wisdom of travel, friends of the Yangtze River Delta is at the forefront of fashion.

6, musk is considering emigrating to Mars: there is a 70% chance

Iron man Musker has always been network reds, probably may be earth not fun, we are considering immigration disclosed by mars.

According to news reports, Tesla executive Mask recently in an interview said, is considering emigrating to Mars, and claimed to have a 70% chance to do so. At the same time, he also pointed out that if successfully landed on Mars, he hopes to continue to build base”.

7, bitcoin fell below $3500, the future situation is not optimistic

Compared with Musk’s heroic spirit, bitcoin will now exit much embarrassment. Stumble endlessly when, even has fallen below $3500 mark, really doubt that bitcoin is not the so-called bubble economy?

Beijing time on November 25th at about 5 in the morning, bitcoin began a frenzied dive. One day succession broke the 4200 and 4100, 4000, 3900, 3800, 3700, 3600, 3500 eight points. As of 25 PM Beijing time 18:24, bitcoin fell below $3500 mark, 24 hours or 18.65%, is a new low since August 2017.

Bitcoin exchange USD (picture cut from Sina Finance)

Although today’s trend, bitcoin slightly rebounded, but the industry is still not recommended and foreign investment, said the future of the situation is not optimistic, if bitcoin continues to fall, the so-called hunters will turn into a wave of Chinese chive”.

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