Cipher commercial bank chief executive still looks at bitcoin: bitcoin is digital gold

CEO Galaxy Digital commercial bank currency encryption, encryption currency (Mike Novogratz) and Daniel Mike Novo Gallazzi has not been plagued by the recent bear market, and still said: bitcoin is a digital gold “, the long-term survival and development.

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Novogratz admitted that since 2018 the market downturn led to money loss, but this did not affect his long-term prospects of encryption currency market, and he believes that the era of monetary revolution encryption.

According to the CCN report, in 2018 the first 9 months, due to the etheric coins, and reboxetine currency bitcoin market continues to decline, Galaxy Digital lost nearly $136 million. Nevertheless, Novogratz still as in the past the money market especially good encryption, bitcoin.

“Digital gold”

In an interview yesterday, said Novogratz:

“I believe that bitcoin will become digital gold. This means that bitcoin will become like gold as the only legitimate currency structure in Pyramid.”

Novogratz said:

“Bitcoin is like gold, because the supply of them is limited. The history of the world all mined gold are placed in a huge swimming pool. And you never thought of this pool is $8 trillion. And this is only because we say it is.”

Novogratz also said that due to the recent market downturn and gloat over opponents should be aware that any large-scale use of new things will need time. While early frustration does not mean it will be dead.

Novogratz stressed:

“Between any revolution are not overnight.”

The surge of the macro market

The former Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs) partner, hedge fund manager said, he left the bank investment business, do not hesitate to enter the new encryption industry is the financial phenomenon because he has never seen anything like the same encryption currency.

I am very interested in encryption currency, because the macro personnel have to do is put the complicated things simple. And the encryption market is a surge in the market. Novogratz recalls said:

“I’ve never seen anything of the log map is a parabola. My gosh, this is the craziest ever chart.” Mike Novogratz and other encryption currency advocates believe that: due to the surge of institutional investors in 2019 will become the has milepost significance of the year. He predicted that bitcoin prices will hit a record high in 2019.

“At the end of the first quarter of 2019, bitcoin will rush to reach $10000. After that, the price will soar to $20000 or more.”

Smart people invest in encryption currency

This summer, the industry received a crypto currency Harvard, Yale, the Stanford University university fund donated billions of dollars, and then makes the encryption of public trust industry has been hitherto unknown.

This clearly expressed strong confidence mechanism of crypto currency as an investment tool. And the analysis of experts also said that since ancient times between investment institutions are often inclined to each other “plagiarism”, so the move or will be between pension fund and other well-known investment institutions to produce chain reaction.

Novogratz said:

“The fact that in view of the David Swensen chief investment officer of the Yale University compared bitcoin investment shows that the investment community has smart people will bitcoin as a value storage method.”

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