Circle launches cryptocurrency investment application for 46 states in the United States

nOutburst Comments: Last month, the news of the blockchain payment startup Circle Inc acquired Poloniex, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, attracted the attention of the industry. At present, the company has also launched the “Cyber ​​Invest” cryptocurrency investment application, which will provide services to citizens in 46 states. These actions fully demonstrate that Circle hopes to demonstrate its talent in the field of cryptocurrency this year and achieve outstanding results.n
nTranslation: Inan
P2P payment technology company Circle announced on March 13 that its product “family” will join a new member, the “Cyber ​​Invest” cryptocurrency investment application. The product will be available for most parts of the United States.n
Circle, one of the few companies that received BitLicense issued by the State of New York, said in its blog post and email sent to users that the cryptocurrency investment platform was accessible to citizens of 46 U.S. states at an early stage.n
The company stated that while the State of New York will soon gain access, Minnesota, Wyoming and Hawaii are excluded from service due to cumbersome supervision.n
Prior to this news release, Circle Invest passed a limited testing phase – offering commission-free trading in Bitcoin and several afghan coins, while raising the price by 2% to generate profits.n
Circle has sought to bring new influence to the cryptocurrency area this year. In February, the company acquired Poliniex, a large cryptocurrency exchange, for $400 million.n
Circle introduced the new application: “We are eager to hear feedback from everyone including beginners and cryptocurrency experts on earlier versions of Circle Invest.”n
In addition to this latest product, Circle’s other prominent cryptocurrency products include the large-value encrypted asset OTC trading platform CircleTrade and the payment application Circle Pay.n

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