Climbed to the highest point after the price fell to 83%, the value of bitcoin annual evaporation is 1 trillion and 500 billion comparable to two Moutai

In the last year, today hit a record $19142 after the highest price in the past year, bitcoin has accumulated 1 trillion and 520 billion yuan evaporation.

In December 17, 2017, bitcoin soared through half a month after reaching the highest point of 19142 dollars (about 131888.3 yuan). Today, from the history of the highest price reached the last 1st anniversary bitcoin. $19142 is still the highest point in the history of the price of bitcoin. In December 17, 2018 12, bitcoin price $3252 (about 22406.2 yuan). In view of this, in the past year, bitcoin prices fell 83%.

The market, in the past year, bitcoin market value of the cumulative evaporation of $221 billion 200 million (about 1 trillion and 520 billion yuan). In the A shares more than the total market value of No. 2 Construction Bank 1.43 trillion, equivalent to 2 times Kweichow Moutai 7443.85 billion in market value.

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