Close contact with the founding team, to the center of the exchange CYBEX want to bring what kind of values?


Reporter: pencil leadn

There are less than 30 hours to start ICO, and the CYBEX project progress bar at shows that nearly 90% of the share is locked. In the recent relatively large fluctuations in the environment, to the center of the CYBEX ICO to carry out the land was unusually smooth.n
nOf course, whenever the people in the domestic chain chain know a little bit of people understand that when a project’s founding team appeared in the distributed capital founder Shen Bo or violent Gong Gong Gong Ming’s name, the ICO no doubt To be successful, not to mention CYBEX by their two co-led to participate in the founder.n
nPerhaps because of this, so when the chain-chain pencil ( came to CYBEX office, did not feel the kind of tension and expectations before the ordinary project financing atmosphere. On the contrary, in a simple and quiet office, the programmer team is one of the project sponsors, is responsible for technical work under the leadership of Xu Yang, the steady development of CYBEX to the center of the exchange.n
nn”Deploy the block chain network to complete.”n
n”The faucet service is deployed.”n
n”The web version wallet is deployed.”n
nnXu Yang on the computer line of code and interface, tone calmly to the chain pencil ( introduced CYBEX development progress, according to plan CYBEX exchange will be completed within three months ICO, that is this year October on-line operation, this time interval compared to the vast majority of ICO projects can be described as rapid. However, the program is written down, so that the product can withstand the test of the actual operation, for Xu Yang, this is the engineer to complete the mission.n
nXu Yang has a typical engineer image, thin, with glasses, wearing a dark round neck T-shirt. Almost twenty years ago, he developed a distributed file system had won the third place in the country. Subsequent career Xu Yang served in IBM for nearly a decade, and is the co-founder of Internet product quantum soccer and 100 exhibition cloud.n
n”CYBEX recognizes the culture of engineers and geeks, and we believe that technology can change the world and believe that engineers can quickly learn and become experts in any field,” said Xu Yang, who has made clear requests for the formation of CYBEX’s technical team. “Our core team Members, all known as all – round engineers, various block – chain technology / programming language / system architecture, etc., engineers need to master and quickly cut.n
nChain chain pencil ( learned that, CYBEX technical team, from Shanghai, the best members of the science class, from the BAT members, all graduated from Stanford, Fudan University, Jiaotong University and other schools. Because of the strong support of the technical team, the CYBEX project has been deployed to complete the infrastructure before the ICO has not yet begun, and is conducting a top-level transaction test, including witness vote, transaction initiation, and block generation.n
nn”There are technology to change the feelings of the world, smart fast learners, real engineers, I can do any job, I set the team’s standards.”n
nnResponsible for CYBEX management and operation of the founder Chen Yanfeng pencil to express the same values. “n
nThe former US National Instruments Co., Ltd. (NADSAQ: NATI), general manager of the western region, “poly star instrument” founding shareholder shape handsome, looks younger than the actual age, and eloquent, very convincing. However, under his leadership, the CYBEX project is different from many other ICO projects, with little or no PR publicity. Chen Yanfeng said that this has his own considerations.n
n”The product is not stable, attracted hackers on the trouble,” Chen Yanfeng view, the exchange is the most important point of security, he and the team in the first time to accurately track this year, a series of “eternal blue” Signed the contract in the direction of the theft of digital money, is currently working to ensure that CYBEX Exchange on the future after the security issues.n
n”We first do a good job,” Chen Yanfeng said to the pencil. To this end, he invited Stanford Electronic Engineering Master, Deutsche Bank ETF and China Risk Trading Director, served as Citigroup China ETFs and equity derivatives senior vice president, Credit Suisse equity derivative investment vice president Wang Jianbo joined the CYBEX project.n
nIt is not surprising that a team of financial chains and chains involved in finance and trading invites professional financial professionals to join. But with Wang Jianbo such a senior resume, it is very rare. Wang Jianbo has nearly 20 years of financial experience, familiar with the global financial markets and financial derivatives transactions, a deep understanding of global ETF transactions and various types of financial innovation business. However, for the emerging digital currency transactions, his experience can play a role?n
nWith the doubt, the block chain pencil remote interview in Hong Kong Wang Jianbo, he gave his answer:n
nn”The essence of the transaction is the value of the asset looking for the price and the game of the participant, and from this point of view, all the transactions are comparable. Under the sun, nothing new, so to help the new digital assets to quickly and effectively find it Price, to help our users to get the game is the advantage of our mission.n
nnAlthough not necessarily have a full reference significance, but the pencil through other channels to understand, Wang Jianbo in recent times have repeatedly predicted the volatility of the various digital currencies, and its results are very accurate. For CYBEX prospective users, this should be a good news.n
nn”I am in the financial assets and derivatives transactions on the experience and lessons will be more than ten years at the same time, digital assets and smart contracts are new things, their rules of the game and the trading boundaries are constantly expanding, which requires CYBEX With the ecological and evolutionary point of view to develop our products to meet the demand. “Wang Jianbo added to the pencil.n
nnProfessional to protect the user and create value, we feel the CYBEX team behind the silent efforts.n
nAt the end of the interview, we finally saw the more familiar with the Shen Bo and riot Prince Gong, the two are on the 25th CYBEX project will be prepared to meet. As the number of online enrollment continues to increase, the team’s staff is carrying the chair temporarily.n
nAs China’s largest regional chain investment fund “distributed capital” partner, Shen Bo has been the forerunner and promoter of the digital money and digital asset industry, entrepreneurs, investors and consultants. But this time personally led as CYBEX project sponsor, Shen Bo to the pen to talk about the reasons.n
nn”The process of the chain-chain economy is the evolution of the various forms of distributed commerce in the chain chain, large-scale collaboration to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The lack of infrastructure and basic application modules constrains the new The rapid development of the economy is that the distributed business is characterized by the exchange / transaction / interaction of trusted data, and the distributed exchange is an indispensable part.n
nnShen Bo further mentioned that he is the co-founder of the bit shares, he hopes to start CYBEX users can bring a better quality of experience, in order to promote the process of block chain industry.n
nn”Distributed capital as a pioneer, to promote the development of the industry duty-bound.”n
nRiot Prince Gong is to meet for the meeting will adjust the final ppt, he revealed to the pencil reporter just statistics out of the data, he as the founder of the ICO platform ICOAGE, has been on the line more than 20 projects, as of today, no one project break, No one project to the user caused a loss.n
nCYBEX project ICO goal is 60,000 yen, to the project background, the actual progress, in the recent industry comparison, this is a considerable amount of restraint. Pencil from a lot of investors get feedback, think this is a “conscience price.” Gong Ming on the determination of the amount, made a note.n
nn”We feel that this raise amount, almost to meet the CYBEX support to the community mature, and then successfully to the center of the automatic maintenance requirements. No longer raise the upper limit, is to participate in the user can get a better return to create CYBEX run a good atmosphere.n
nnOpposition Prince Gong said that through the creation of its chain of chain media – block chain pencil, ICO platform – ICOAGE, distributed exchange – CYBEX and follow-up projects, and gradually improve the industry ecology, promote the chain of chain industry The benign development.n
nBelieve in the power of technology, the user first, to protect the interests of investors, concerned about the healthy development of the industry, the interview pencils felt the CYBEX team to convey the values. At the meeting on the evening of 25, lovers may raise more questions, and pencilists will also be involved and reported on the spot. For the CYBEX project ICO and the follow-up progress of the development, the chain-chain pencil ( will continue to be concerned.n
nSpecial statement: CYBEX project founder Mr. Gong Ming (violent Prince Gong), is also the media block chain pencil ( founder. For any industry information, block chain pencil ( editing team are uphold the principle of objective and impartial reporting.n

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