CME introduced the Bitcoin Trading Simulator

nBankruptcy Commentary: CME introduced bitcoin futures contracts about a week later than CBOE, so its current trading lags far behind CBOE. To reverse this situation and dominate the bitcoin futures market as early as possible, CME Group announced a market-simulator that allows users to practice bitcoin futures trading in a risk-free environment and hopes to use it as their own New market to attract more users.n
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On December 27, less than two weeks after launching bitcoin futures, CME Group released a tweet that it has launched its bitcoin futures simulator. The tool offers new investors the opportunity to trade bitcoin futures without any risk of capital loss and can allow experienced investors to test their platform to experiment with new trading strategies in a zero-risk environment.n
The launch of this market simulator tool aims to attract more participants to CME’s bitcoin market and thus to dominate the bitcoin CFD market.n

CME Group launched Bitcoin Futures on December 18 and became the second U.S. financial market company to offer such products after CBOE. Traders need to participate in this new market through large retail brokers such as TD Ameritrade allowing its clients to trade CBOE futures contracts and Interactive Brokers recently announced plans to allow customers to trade CME futures contracts as soon as possible (currently allowing them to trade CBOE Bitcoin CFD). Interactive Brokers said it handled more than half the volume of CBOE bitcoin’s first day of trading, despite its platform’s margin requirements being much higher than those of CBOE.n
Major market makers DRW, DV Trading and Akuna Capital also said they will provide liquidity for the Bitcoin futures market.n
Although the introduction of the Bitcoin futures market has generated heated debate, the trading volume of Bitcoin futures is not much compared to the size of deals conducted in major crypto-currency exchanges. As of this writing, CME sold a total of 1078 contracts and CBOE sold 4,790 contracts.n

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