CNBC: Investors will soon be able to trade Bitcoin and ETF options

nnnOn Monday, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced the approval of the digital currency trading platform LedgerX to liquidate Bitcoar derivatives, and just earlier this month, LedgerX has just been approved as a swaps executive. This initiative marks LedgerX becoming the first royal currency-controlled currency exchange. The company CEO in an interview with CNBC said that the company plans to launch in the early autumn of the currency options, and in the “months” to launch the APFT options.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nThe US Commodity Futures Trading Commission on Monday announced its unanimous adoption of the approval of the digital currency trading platform LedgerX to clear the bitcoar derivatives.n
nThe press release said LedgerX originally planned to liquidate the currency options.n
nLedgerX CEO Paul L. Chou in the trading company issued another press release said:n
nn”The US Federal Government regulates the settlement of digital currency derivatives contracts for a broader customer base to open the door to the market.”n
nnChou pointed out that there is a strong demand for assets that are not associated with the broader sense of the stock market and said: “We have seen the strong demand of some institutions, and because of the regulatory restrictions on unregulated places, these institutions have Can not participate in the bitcoin market. “n
nChou said in an interview with CNBC that his company plans to launch a currency option in early autumn and plans to launch an ePower option within a few months. This marks the birth of the first coin-dollar options approved by the federal government.n
nChou said:n
nn”We are very pleased to welcome the traditional retail organizations to join this area.” He also pointed out that he hopes the CFTC’s approval will attract “more asset managers to enter this area.”n
nnLedgerX was approved on July 6 to become a swaps executive.n
nThe company is principally located in New York and raised $ 11.4 million in May by a round of financing by Miami International Holdings and Huiyin Blockchain Venture Investments funds.n
nThe CFTC noted that its clearing and risk department also issued a letter on Monday that “due to LedgerX’s full mortgage clearing model, it is exempt from its obligations to comply with certain CFTC regulations.”n
nChou said the exemption was due to LedgerX’s plan “Do not allow any leveraged transactions.”n
nThe CFTC said in the press release that the authorization “can not be regarded as, nor does it mean that the CFTC has endorsed the use of the general digital currency, or more precisely the bitcoin.”n
nAccording to CoinDesk data show that Monday afternoon bit currency transaction prices rose two-thirds, close to 2780 US dollars, while the ether square down 0.5 percentage points, the price is about 225 US dollars.n
nCNBC writer and BKK founder Brian Kelly said:n
nn”The demand for institutional investment products in this area has been to a record level, and funds like my Digital Asset Fund have felt the unprecedented demand from institutional investors, and we need institutional infrastructure. “n
nnHedge fund managers (such as Kelly) are able to hedge their positions on the LedgerX platform’s 1 to 6 month currency options contracts.n
nLedgerX told CNBC that its contracts are only available to professional traders and organizations, but these companies can turn to their retail investors to provide their own products.n

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