CNBC program openly criticizes bit cash: ‘There are only two de facto controllers’

nBankruptcy Review: The recent bit of cash received a lot of support, the main supporter Roger Ver twice on the Internet hype bitcoin and warn everyone bitcoin, at the same time, CNBC’s Fast Money program also released a lot of promotional bits Tweets for cash advantages. But Jon Najarian, chief executive of, criticized bitcoin as a centralized cryptocurrency on CNBC’s latest issue, with only two actual controllers, in stark contrast to the notion of Bitcoin that triggered bitcoin Circle of concern.n
nTranslation: Clovern
Najarian focuses on bitcoin cashn
Recent standards opinions in the network over-support bitcoin cash and send out a bitcoin warning, but Jon Najarian turned 180 degrees toward CNBC’s Half Time Report recent episode , In sharp contrast with the views of the Internet.n
Jon Najarian, chief executive of, told the hosts on Thursday’s show: “Bitcoin is actually controlled by two individuals – a big difference from bitcoin.”n
nIt looks like bits of cash are making progress every dayn
– KryptoKnight69 (@ELEProbtc) December 28, 2017n
nCNBC’s Fast Money program recently pushed CNBC on the news headlines by telling tweets about the bit-cash advantage in a hard-line fashion that it triggered public suspicions that its staff were in collusion with bit-cash executives.n
Its main backers, Roger Ver, double-hyped bits of cash on the Web and warned everyone about bitcoin, while Fast Money is also continuing to post material that hinders potential bitcoin investors.n
As a result, Najarian’s response shows an unusual alternative perspective and has drawn the attention of the Bitcoin community.n
Different views on bitcoinn
In the same program, Catherine Wood, founder and CEO of ARK Investment Management Inc., does not see bitcoin as a legitimate alternative to bitcoin.n
She speculated:n
n”Maybe it’s going to be a hard fork, so it’s both a store of value and a trading tool.”n
nThe idea of ​​Bitcoin as both a currency and a trading instrument has also started to gain support this month in non-cryptocurrency circles.n
Henry Blodget, CEO of Business Insider, said on his website that the currency “has a brilliant future and can change the world,” even if virtual currency prices fall sharply.n
Blodget had previously said bitcoin “has no intrinsic value” and does not doubt the idea that the price of bitcoin might drop to $ 100, and agrees with critics that bitcoin’s price this year is a classic financial bubble.n

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