CNET 2018 Technology Industry Award: Turkey hard face book, crazy bitcoin, controversial Liu Haiping……

For generations, the president of the United States is through the turkey out of the Thanksgiving table to greet this festival.

Unfortunately, no one can save the technology industry of Turkey (refer to “flop”). This year the technology industry messed up, failure and embarrassment beyond count.

Most of them related with politics, because Facebook, Twitter, Google and Reddit are now a campaign interference, false news, hacker attack and network Johnson of the war, the war spread to the real world.

I guess one of Logan Paul from YouTube red (Logan Paul) released a video he found in Japan in the forest, you have too much expectations for this year will not.

At that time, Paul and friends in Japan “Dutch act” forest of Aokigahara forest is found in the remains of A. They approached the body and shooting, then laugh up, which makes many users think he acted improperly, no respect for the dead.

After that the situation has not improved. This year, Facebook was a massive hacker attack, the United States Congress held hearings on science and technology, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) tweets fined $20 million.

This does not include the runaway Silicon Valley funny moments. You know, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Washington and other city is full of motorcycles, or bitcoin booms and inevitable collapse. Or MoviePass, the “incredible” movie ticket booking service, received only $10 monthly fee every day will see a free movie.

Intelligent mobile phone “controversial Liu Haiping” is also mentioned, because it is almost all high-end mobile phone design part.

In addition, it is worth noting that these mobile phone prices in the past two years rose at least 13%, far higher than the U.S. inflation rate of about 2%.

In addition, the technology industry has not figured out how to recruit, retain and promote women and minorities.

In October this year, Intel said, female employees accounted for 26.8% of the total number of employees, higher than 24.7% in 2015, the company was “proud”.

This is full of emotion, weary, seems endless year.

Perhaps 2019 less turkey.

Facebook (Cambridge Analytica) of Cambridge and a major scandal

11 months ago, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) said that his new year’s resolution is to repair Facebook.

He will probably agree that he didn’t finish the assignment.

In March this year, “New York Times” (New York Times) and “the guardian” (The Guardian) of the “Observer” (Observer) broke the news that the social networking giant to cover up with large-scale data breaches, Name, users leaked e-mails, love and friends of the information affects as many as 87 million people.

Further this scandal is: to obtain these data political consulting firm in Cambridge (Cambridge Analytica) analysis of the company was Donald Trump (Donald Trump) 2016 presidential campaign.

What is worse, Facebook has three years without disclosure of leaks.

Finally, Zuckerberg was called to Capitol Hill to the house and Senate submitted his first public testimony.

Of course, this eventually became its own turkey……

The dramatic rise and fall of bitcoin

The bitcoin is called a mess of tangled insult.

First it is a kind of encryption currency, plans to become the world’s major capital transfer, but later he fell madly.

Bitcoin exchange (yes, there are a lot of bitcoin exchanges, there are many different encryption currency price fluctuations big).

Bitcoin itself at the end of last year rose to more than $19 thousand and 500, now dropped to around $5500.

However, bitcoin — and help block chain – has become the laughingstock of the technology industry technology to track everyone has a number of bitcoin.

Block chain startups based on so many, that it has become a kind of cultural gene.

At the same time, hope from bitcoin fast money speculators had a new name: bitcoin community (bitcoin Bros).

Google+ “ghost” eviction time

Google+’s failure than early social networks such as Google, Wave and Orkut, there is a more hopeful start.

Nevertheless, Google+ came earlier old, when Google announced the closure of the social network plan, the reason is a loophole exposed 500 thousand data.

In 2011 Google+ launched and aims to put up a pageantry, the explosive growth of Facebook was comparable.

Google will Google+ to extend the reach of Gmail, from photos to Google search results, and then to all fields of Android, designed to attract existing users of Google.

Nevertheless, it all ended in failure, said the service as a “ghost town” has become hackneyed and stereotyped expressions.

Google said the service will be in the next 10 months to gradually cool down, the final stop in August next year, to ensure that users have enough time to transfer information and photos out from the network.

All of the remaining non ghost must leave in the month of 8 2019 day before 19.

However, although Google has said the 90% Google+ session duration less than 5 seconds, but as with any service, Google+ also has its own loyal fans.

Because of the photo storage and editing of the critically acclaimed, this service is very popular in the photographer. For example, the actor Harry Porter Danny Radcliffe (Daniel Radcliffe) is a loyal user Google+. This is his only a certified social media account.

Radcliffe said that the main reason for his love of Google+ is its lack of participation. In 2016 he said: “there is no comment and other things.”

Uber fatal crash autopilot

A full automatic driving car first hit and killed a pedestrian.

A Saturday night 10 3 months of this year, excellent step in Tempe Arizona (Tempe) to test the car, was riding a woman walking in the dark street, and step at a speed of 38 miles per hour hit her.

After Uber, Arizona police, the National Transportation Safety Board (National Transportation Safety Board) and the U.S. Department of transportation (Department of Transportation) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) of the preliminary investigation, the preliminary conclusion that the Uber in the vehicle emergency brake operation failure.

When the accident happened, yuho suspended the automatic driving car project, has yet to restore test automatic driving mode of the vehicle.

The company said in a statement, vehicles will “eventually make traffic safer and more efficient, more affordable, the company remains committed to the future.

“Liu Haiping”.

Apple Corp (Apple) and a start-up company called Essential made a compromise, without losing vital front camera self timer, expanding the screen size.

Intelligent mobile phone has occupied the technology industry, from the Google Pixel 3 to LG G7, and then to a plus 6.

You can say it ugly, you can also say that it is lazy. But this is a kind of new normal.

Even make fun of an ad in last year’s iPhone X “bangs screen Samsung, there are rumors that will use this technology in the mobile phone in the future.

Motorcycle war

This year, tens of thousands of car electric motorcycle in the absence of lawmakers or residents warning, was thrown into the United States around the city streets.

Some people immediately began to take this rental without post vehicle, think this is a cheap and convenient way to travel.

Other people dislike them, called the phenomenon of motorcycle.

Some people put the motorcycle into the trash, hanging on the tree, even in the above smeared feces, to show his anger.

From Texas, Austen, to San Francisco, then to California, Beverly hill, many city was temporarily banned in the transportation, and other regulatory agencies in the city to surrounding the new transportation law.

As to solve the problem of law, motorcycle company just kept on the list increased by more and more city.

Net neutrality rules no longer exist

2015, technology companies and advocates won a great victory, FCC voted for a new rule, effectively making the network neutrality, that all Internet traffic should be treated equally, like the American law.

But it is in Barack Obama (Barack Obama) president.

In 2017, Trump appointed a new member of FCC, the Committee held a new vote in the end, the overthrow of the Obama era rules.

We will decide on what path to follow is uncertain. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court retains a lower court ruling that FCC the future can vote again through the network neutrality rules.

At the same time, several states have passed their own laws of network neutrality, and may put forward a bill in congress.

Anyway, it is not the end.

Palm small screen mobile phone

This is an echo from the past. In 2011 Palm was the owner of HP (HP) after the closure, appears to have been completed.

Making those old mobile phone company has ceased to exist, but a startup in San Francisco use the honorific name to create a small enough, can be placed in the palm of your mobile phone.

It costs $349, is only 3.3 inches long, and the crazy thing is, it is not a real mobile phone.

No, this is a streamlined version of the Android device is a kind of “connecting equipment”, similar to smart watches, mobile phone can be used as a partner, but less.

Yes, we have been to your mobile phone to a “mobile phone”.

It can bind the user’s SIM card, users need to pay $10 per month, TCL is its positioning as auxiliary equipment.

MoviePass crazy story

This sounds great, incredible: the $10 monthly subscription fee, will allow you to watch a movie theater in the United States every day at most.

Taking into account a lot of tickets at least expensive than the monthly fee of $3, which is obviously a bargain.

In fact, this plan is based on the MoviePass business plan based on a gym membership, which is registered but not the use of the service will provide subsidies for the use of the service people.

In the first 6 years, this approach seems to be good, the initial fee of $50 per month.

But then the company will cost to $10 a month, things became crazy.

According to Deadline reports, there are more than 150 thousand subscribers within two days.

But surprisingly, many of whom actively use their welfare, led to the company repeatedly to change its business plan.

Now, it is still a monthly fee of $10 a month, but you can only see three films, but also limit.

The event has become a hot topic this summer on the Internet, which may damage the MoviePass brand.

Analysis of Helios and its parent company Matheson (Matheson Analytics) of the shares from the beginning of the year about $1800 per share fell 2 cents per share, has been hovering around 8 since the month.

On the positive side, MoviePass led AMC and Cinemark and other companies have launched their own products.

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