CNN: maybe you’ll soon be used to support bitcoin political movement

CNN: maybe you’ll soon be used to support bitcoin political movement

Bitcoin enthusiasts or will soon be able to use electronic money to support the political movement.

The Federal Election Commission will consider Wednesday in the open bitcoin payment channel in the next midterm election.

This move is undoubtedly a symbol of acceptance of the currency A new force suddenly rises. increased, at the same time, more and more businesses and individuals are put into bitcoin payment, credit card payment is generally given as selection.

If the Committee supported the decision, it will be a turnaround from the beginning of last summer, when the election commission has requested a similar fall into deadlock.

Run the Sai own organization a political group Make Your Laws, he will have expression and support the decision of the Committee (increase confidence in bitcoin payment). (Sai is his legal name), Make Your Laws is the appeal for political groups, it is a non partisan organization that “said its goal is to use the advanced technology is more people to have a voice in the election, expanding democracy.

Because now no law expressly prohibits the use of bitcoin declined in the election, a lot of politicians and candidates say they are ready to accept bitcoin as a payment method to raise the election.

Texas attorney general Greg Abbott campaign for governor of this state, in a week he claimed to accept bitcoin donations. Probably the liberal party received each year 10 thousand to 20 thousand dollars worth of bitcoin donations. The percentage of the total contributions relative to $1 million for bitcoin proportion is very low, the liberal party executive director Wes Benedict said.

“Liberals are better than ordinary people to those interested in money, so we have to require the use of bitcoin payment request us to be met.” Benedict said, among them, his team was against members of the government on monetary regulation. “We want to see the development of regulation,” he said.


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