Coin Caijing: Quoine CEO forecast the new bitcoin at the end of 2019 to a new high

In an interview with Bloomberg Television in December 3rd, Japan’s cryptocurrency and fintech exchange company Quoine CEO Mike Kayamori, bitcoin will achieve high at the end of 2019 forecast.

The interview is carried out after encrypted currency prices of nearly a year of the downturn. Kayamori said that the fall of 2018 because “no what new things, without catalyst.” He is expected to be the next year of recovery, because the Japanese exchange has accepted their new rules, and more veterans to enter the market.

Kayamori said in an interview, many people think that $4000 is the bottom line of bitcoin, but this level recently failed to become the support.

When asked at the bottom of the market where possible, he said: “when you see [history] progress mode and things, no one knows” and added, “I think the bottom has been close to the.

Kayamori thinks that a sign of the coming of a recently closed down so many bitcoin mining operations. With bitcoin prices plummeted, the miners have seen their profits space crunch, causing many people to turn off or other coin mining.

According to Kayamori:

If there is enough miners closed, which means that the balance of the upcoming. When you look at how the market rises and falls, you might say it is close to the bottom.

Another positive development of Kayamori pointed out that Japanese regulators allow the token list of new and approved a new crypto currency exchange. After 2018 years 1 months Coincheck hacking, Japanese regulators had stopped for approval, causes the value of 5.34 billion dollars encryption currency losses.

In addition, Japan’s financial services agency (FSA) in Coincheck after hacker attacks, has been put into operation in Japan will soon complete exchange for business process improvement. FSA called for the improvement of clean up the encryption currency industry.

According to Kayamori, the requirements of FSA makes the most of the time the Japanese currency encryption “integration” of the industry in the period. This integration will eventually lead to cold storage and related assets better compliance, better practice governance and asset segregation.

All of these will make the encryption currency for investors and financial industry veteran more attractive, and should be in the beginning of 2019 increased market participation.

Kayamori pointed out that Japan is the Canadian regulations applied to the first global economic powerhouse encryption currency “”. The Japanese have open attitude to block chain technology, he referred to the country to accept the new fund-raising mode of industry security token products (STO), which is the initial coin (1-C-0) substitute products.

In addition, FSA seems to be developed ICO and STO regulations, to help protect investors against fraud violations.

In addition, there are reports that the Japanese government is looking for ways to prevent encryption currency users to avoid the taxation of profits by trading and investment currency encryption.

Kayamori is not the only one to see the bitcoin people. Recently, Fundstrat Tom Lee, a perennial bitcoin bull, said he believes bitcoin will eventually end at $25000.

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