Coin Ring fake: Ruby claimed bitcoin is the mother of foam

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Bitcoin in recent days affected by BCH bifurcation for diving crash, most investment bitcoin investors hemophthisis. International celebrities have to comment on the bitcoin crash event.

According to the Wall Street knowledge reported recently, the successful prediction of the 2008 financial crisis and the world famous “Dr. doom” – Roubini (Nouriel Roubini), in the United States Senate called “explore digital currency and block chain ecosystem” testify that the other digital currency bitcoin is the “mother of all bubbles and fraud”.

Reported that, for the digital currency traders often hundreds of tokens in bitcoin outside called “junk money”, Roubini bluntly said: “this is a serious insult to the garbage”.

In addition, Ruby denied the block chain technology behind the digital currency, he said that this is the most excessive speculation, almost no use.

Reported that Roubini subsequently on social media to continue posting digital currency attack and block chain, the main ideas are as follows: after the bubble burst in the digital currency, the only suspense is Coinbase exchange when bankruptcy; many universities sought to block chain and digital currency, are due to follow suit and profits; and stable currency scam may eventually collapse.

Roubini said that 99% of the digital currency trading is a waste money for another waste money. In the past year, the average of a junk currency devaluation of 90%, or even more.

In fact, this is not the first time Roubini held a negative attitude towards digital currency. The report pointed out that a few days ago, Roubini also issued a document called the digital currency to the center of the feature is only a fiction. Previously, in a digital currency conference, Roubini also mentioned that bitcoin is “nonsense” to the center of the block, the chain is only “glorified Excel”. 2 months of this year, Ruby has said that bitcoin fundamental value is zero, bitcoin is more serious than “tulipmania”: “the cost of bitcoin trading a $50, it is the biggest Ponzi scheme in history, digital currency bubble.

Bit 110, compared to the bitcoin, more copycat MLM coins, currency, counterfeit currency is devouring the virtual circle of Chinese chive principal, cheat tricks, make people impossible to guard against. Recommend investors to enhance awareness of fraud prevention, beware of digital money scam.

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