Coin Surveys Initiator: SEC ICO Guide is “Fresh Air”

nnnThe decision to determine the nature of the currency has always been the core issue of legal regulation, so the SEC said that the issue of the token issued by The DAO project will have a significant impact on the industry. The coin founders also believe that this view shows that the SEC will support the development of the field, especially to help attract the participation of mainstream users.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe first token of the encryption token as the head of the promotional tool for investment tools may not be what you expect.n
nBut the introduction of this concept to the industry center’s Token Summit sponsors believe that the SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission will strongly support the development of the field. The SEC believes that the toll issue by The DAO is a security that has caused the impact in the industry that has been looking forward to the news.n
nInvestor, author William Mougayar, believes the guide will help improve the standards of entrepreneurs who want to adopt the financing model.n
nMougayar said ICO may be in line with the definition of securities as “balanced” and “a fresh air”, referring to its recent understanding of the negative impact of growth in the field.n
nn”The SEC has bluntly pointed out two shortcomings of the ICO value chain, one is ICO over-publicity and the other is the lack of transparency in revealing important basic information to consumers.”n
nnSo Mougayar said that the SEC guidelines that are seen by observers as rare in scope and coordination will help the industry gain the mainstream user and thus further refine.n
nn”The SEC view underscores the need for ICO projects to strengthen the specification.”n

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