Coinbase is scheduled for 2016 will be the bitcoin purchase and sale services extended to the new Asian and Latin American markets.

In an interview with the Money20/20, the product manager AdamWhite said the company has start-up funds raised more than $106 million, to the next year in 40 countries put into use, but these areas will become the main areas of concern.

In September, Coinbase announced the launch of the first in Asia, extended to Singapore, at that time the company has yet to provide services to Latin america.

White said the new announcement as early as possible in December or January, and the announcement time depends on the Coinbase meet local compliance ability.

He told the CoinDesk website:

“We will continue to Coinbase as a programming mode provides the infrastructure for the purchase of sales.”

In addition, White believes that Coinbase does not intend to launch private block chain products for enterprise business, because of its rival itBit in August has been done.

White said Coinbase is likely to continue with the consumer oriented payment business emphasizes strategic partnership, there are public investment in start-ups companies.

Coinbase investors include BBVAVentures, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and USAA, which has recently launched a pilot project, can provide customers with Coinbase service.

Announced a $75 million series C round of financing in January when Coinbase, CEO of BrianArmstrong forecast before the end of this year there will be as many as 30 countries can use the services of the company.

Today, the 32 countries can use the Coinbase service.

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