Coinbase customer complaints increased

nnnSurvival comment: student online loan market LendEDU use of the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau data found that this year’s encrypted currency exchange Coinbase received the most complaints, a total of 288 times. The total number of other encrypted currency complaints was 277. And is expected to continue to increase by the end of the year, exposing the secret money company’s pain.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nA new report revealed customer complaints against US encrypted currency companies.n
nStudent online loan market LendEDU has used the data of the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which deals with consumer complaints against consumers, and found that Coinbase, the currency firm, was most criticized this year.n
n2017 Coinbase received a total of 288 complaints, compared to 2016 only 7 times a considerable increase.n
nCoinbase did not respond to this, but the company promised to improve customer service through new financing rounds.n
nCompany representative said:n
nn”Over the past six months, Coinbase and GDAX have grown so far that our system has reached a critical point, leading to a negative customer experience.”n
nnBut Coinbase is not the only company that has received a complaint. LendEDU found that CFPB received 277 complaints against other encrypted currency companies and predicted that the figure would increase to 400 at the end of the year.n
nIn general, these data are the latest proof of the constant exposure of monetary firms. This year the Bitcoin market broke a series of records, making these companies get more attention.n

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