Coinbase founder: bitcoin is still looking for the killer application

Coinbase founder: bitcoin is still looking for the killer application

According to foreign media reports, San Francisco bitcoin company Coinbase’s 27 year old founder Fred? Eyre Sam (Fred Ehrsam) said in an interview, bitcoin is still looking for the “killer app”.

Bitcoin is still waiting for the emergence of the “killer application” to promote the virtual currency into the mainstream, and in Eyre Sam (Fred Ehrsam), the killer application it may be the end of spam.

Coinbase has a total of more than $100 million in venture capital.

“After 10 years, I think, because bitcoin exists, we will find that the Internet will become more beautiful.” Al Sam said.


Although some people pay close attention to bitcoin is still uncertain in its focus on the price swings, but investors have turned to the bitcoin named blockchain (blockchain) of the underlying technology potential. Blockchain can verify and record the virtual currency transactions, the whole process does not need to pass through the banking system, because of And will not lead to any transaction cost. It is possible to make small bitcoin to almost zero cost into almost any Internet activities.

“The Internet has never been properly integrated into economic activities.” Al Sam said, “if you send an e-mail spam will need to pay 0.01 cents overnight decline. Who will create a lot of YAHOO account? Spam will no longer economically feasible.”

Practical Al Sam optimistic about the blockchain is not surprising, but optimistic and he’s not the only one. Developers are testing to accelerate the stock trading by the blockchain settlement for peer-to-peer streaming video playback processing in seconds to pay, do not create a centralized market platform or social network operators The network, as well as hundreds of other potential applications. 比特币资讯网站Coindesk的研究人员称,今年以来,这些比特币试验吸引力超过3.9亿美元的风险投资,已经超过了去年全年的3.6亿美元投资额。

No matter what the future will be applied, Coinbase are expected to stand firm in the market. It is claimed to be “the entrance ramp” in the bitcoin world, to the customer whether ordinary users or to accept bitcoin payment businesses — will provide ways for bitcoin exchange funds, as well as storage and transfer Shift their virtual currency.

The company has 2 million 400 thousand users in 25 countries around the world, attracted a series of investors: many well-known firms including Union SquareVentures and Andreessen Horowitz, such as BBVA (BBVA) part of the traditional financial institutions and USAA, and the New York Stock Exchange .

Coinbase will soon expand its office space, because of its compliance officers, lawyers and developers are constantly expanding.

Although the day bitcoin will may be embedded into various types of financial transactions, but it is not clear whether the virtual currency can have a future independent value, or as pioneers of its expected to be alternative legal tender.

However, Coinbase this month on the Greek debt crisis to a step in that direction. It reduces the euro into bitcoin transaction costs, Al Sam said the move to promote the trading volume increased by 300%.

“Plath and the Greek debt crisis, people are increasingly aware of and recognize what it means to put the money in the bank.” Al Sam said, “all of a sudden, you two countries in the European region to take out of your bank account money, someone makes it has shrunk by 30%, it will become something else, and you have no Can be done.”

Like bitcoin, Al Sam himself across the financial sector and the field of science and technology. He is engaged in currency trading in Goldman’s work, so that the Coinbase can successfully deal with banks. In addition, the United States was the champion of the game player in his youth, has received sponsorship by Hard Suits Inc to participate in the competition, this let him win. Won the trust of Silicon Valley. Recently, he took out his bitcoin to buy a new DELL Alienware computer to play video games.

“Inexhaustible possibilities”

Just a few years ago, practical bitcoin online purchase computer, holiday gifts and Home Furnishing supplies are still very difficult, but the industry for bitcoin blockchain enthusiasm and investment attracted the attention of the people. Bitcoin is the killer application?

“This is just like the Internet in 1992 about how it will affect our data dissemination way.” Al Sam said, “before the Internet, Uber certainly does not work; before the Internet, eBay certainly does not work…… I can not tell you all the killer application of bitcoin, but I know It has inexhaustible possibilities.”

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