Coinmap heat map can be displayed to accept bitcoin area

Coinmap heat map can be displayed to accept bitcoin area

Bitcoin virtual currency as a global being used by people all over the world. The level of its usage depends on different areas of bitcoin. Bitcoin around the world use mode is what kind of? You can use a tool to help you find can replace the currencies with bitcoin, and whether you in any country? It is better to try Coinmap .

Coinmap is a web-based platform bitcoin heat map . The map shows all over the world to accept bitcoin payments shops and commercial institutions. Bitcoin can show a heat map of concentration of bitcoin companies and venues. Like other heat map, if bitcoin related businesses and venues are concentrated in a certain region or area, so this place will be on the map with a red label, and generally concentrated with yellow or green to mark, but if not concentrated or sparse, will use the blue label.

At present, Coinmap covering more than 6700 of the venues, including bitcoin ATMs , tourist attractions, cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, nightclubs and so on. The Coinmap project is a part of SatoshiLabs, the company has created a number of well-known bitcoin wallet products, including the Trezor hardware and the world’s first bitcoin mining pool Slush ‘s Pool.

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