Coinsetter CEO think that New York is the destination of bitcoin

Coinsetter CEO think that New York is the destination of bitcoin

     Jaron Lukasiewicz after two years of hard work, finally in the summer of this year officially released the bitcoin trading platform Coinsetter. Earlier this week, he told New York’s proposed BitLicense regulation bill gives his own insights. He said: “the bill is not suitable for this technology, it is difficult to implement, and is a violation of privacy.”

Jaron Lukasiewicz said, July 24th Platform formal Release is one of the most exciting moments of my career. Every week we can see the number and user transaction volume growth, the most important is that the customer said on our platform has a good experience. When I started the company 1 bitcoin worth $7. They were active in this field of people know, when things were different. My friends laugh at me “to build a platform to play money”. Of course, now they do not, we are exposed to the most exciting part in the field of science and technology, and we can provide an advanced and professional trading platform. International cable network is the largest bitcoin industry pain. Use bank transfers, people should know how not easy.

In addition, he also elaborated his views on the recent hot New York bill BitLicense: I want to take the final regulation bill can be matched to bitcoin technology. We hope to have the ability to fully comply with regulations, now the regulation bill may not go from the technical implementation. New York is the destination of bitcoin.

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