Coinsource adds 18 bitcoin ATMs in Atlanta, one of America’s top ten banking services ATMs

nBankruptcy comment: the United States Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is responsible for the financial stability of the United States independent federal government agencies, the findings of the agency, Atlanta, Georgia, banking services less than the national level of backwardness, is the top ten banking services in backward cities. So Coinsource, a bitcoin ATM network in the United States, installed 20 new devices here, by far the largest number of single installations. Making it a third-largest Bitcoin ATM market after the U.S. financial centers Chicago and New York.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Coinsource, a Bitcoin ATM network based in Texas, USA, has set up 20 new devices in Georgia and is by far the largest single install. The 18 Bitcoin ATMs were installed in Atlanta and two at the nearby University City Athens.n
Company CEO Sheffield Clark said:n
n”This is not only a significant opportunity for Coinsource, but also for Atlanta and Athens. Atlanta is one of the most established bitcoin ATM markets in the country, and we are very excited to provide our services to people in areas where technology is growing.”n
nn”Our goal is to empower everyone with a fair bit of access to Bitcoin, especially as demand is torn down and to take off in this new economy. Part of this intention to open this market is to ensure that our costs are higher than any other carrier Lower than half, for the first time using any device customers will get a free deal. “n
nTo increase its potential customer coverage, ATM is located near busy traffic areas as well as Georgia State University and Emory University in Atlanta, and the University of Georgia in Athens. 16 new devices only buy bitcoin and 4 offer both buy and sell features.n

The company also introduced an online system where new customers can sign up before using the device. The network now has 136 bitcoin ATMs, covering 12 states.n
Outdated banking service in Atlanta, Georgian
A study by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) found that 7% of households in the United States (9 million) did not have access to banking services and 19.9% ​​(24.5 million) did not have high levels of banking services. The situation in the minority counties of Georgia is especially serious.n

n”Bitcoin has soared and the United States is catching up. Everyone wants to invest and participate. For us, we believe there are two uses for Bitcoin, one for alternative payment and the other for investment, as well as finance for banking services tolerance.n
nAccording to the FDIC report, Atlanta, Georgia, has been one of the country’s top 10 banking underperformers for the past five years, with more than one in 10 families unable to reach traditional banking institutions. About 30% of residents do not have access to a high level of bank service, meaning that even with a bank account they can rely on pawn shops, check cashing and cash lending companies to get cash or loan services.n
Georgia now has 101 Bitcoin ATMs, the third-largest bitcoin ATM market in the United States, behind Chicago and New York.n

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