Combat cattle, block chain technology can stabilize fares

nnnRush when comment: buy tickets and fake tickets are more part of the ticketing market chaos. Especially the secondary market to consumers to increase the cost. London police national anti-fraud intelligence investigation found a huge amount of ticket fraud, especially the Internet as a medium. Based on the block chain technology BitTicket can change the status quo, to bring consumers parity tickets.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBitTicket is a new ticketing platform that does not charge customers too much a fee, unlike the secondary sales market.n
nSometimes people can not buy tickets for their favorite concerts or races. Only in the limited time after the release of the event at a cheap price to reserve seats, not everyone immediately found the news. If you notice before the start of the event, you may continue to earn the difference on the secondary site search tickets, and sometimes even the road is not correct. For example, it is difficult to get tickets for Broadway, the secondary market price is too high.n
nThis question is related to the well-known pop artist. Because of their high attraction to the masses, the British authorities can not remain indifferent, enacted to prohibit the use of robots at the same time at a high price of the law of the second sale of tickets. However, over the past three years, about 21,000 people have been deceived in the UK, and most of the cheaters have mentioned secondary ticketing services.n
nBlock chain technology can solve these problems: two have been engaged in the industry enthusiasts have a way to understand their operation, developed a “David meet Goliath” new ticket platform. Harry Boisseau and Philip Shaw-Stewart positioned it as “honest”.n
n”Ticket fraud” the scope of the problemn
nRecently, a survey by the National Defense Agency (NFIB, National Fraud Intelligence Bureau) in London has shown that the money lost by ticket fraud victims is as high as £ 17 million ($ 22 million). Get Online Safe, Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers are also involved.n
nFor example, in April 2017, more than 1,500 people were trying to buy tickets in the summer. The company had advertised on the facebook “Surfed Arts”.n
nThis action only warns those who may be deceived by malicious users when buying tickets. Some organizations tell consumers how to avoid being cheated and free themselves from losses. NFIB points out that people are now more aware of fake sites and will pay more attention to the choice of secondary sales service.n
nStudies have shown that women over the age of 65 and Londoners tend to receive such tickets, while Birmingham’s residents and 35-44-year-olds mainly ignore these notifications.n
nIn addition, fraudsters rely heavily on social media networks because many Internet users are aware of the activities here. In 2015, on the eve of important football and rugby games, the number of fake tickets increased by 55%. The fare increase in fake tickets for music activities is less, about 15%, and the total loss is £ 5.2 million ($ 6.75 million).n
nPeople who have bought tickets from these bad sites know that they may be different. Some of them are never present, while others sell at very high prices.n
nWhy the block chain is a way outn
nThe inspiration for this job is Ed Sheeran. The creators of this innovative platform are looking for high prices on the web. Customers can use the encrypted currency in BitTicket to buy tickets in Taing currency.n
nAnother problem is that the main seller communicates with the secondary website and sells it again before the buyer can buy the ticket. The team pointed out that this is not the only problem, there are more things to be solved.n
nThe platform developer Shaw-Stewart commented:n
nn”Ticket market monopoly and the primary market at the same time launched two ticket service, the secondary market to the company to bring great benefits: tickets are the same, but the price is twice or three times.n
nnThe Robbie Williams concert at the O2 Arena in London may be a good example. Tickets for Grade 1 Tickets are £ 40 ($ 52) and £ 300 for the secondary site ($ 390). It is frustrating that the company will sell more than 80% to the secondary site. Shaw-Stewart found it to be the whole industry’s cancer.n

nBitTicket finally let us see the light. The main features of the service are:n
nn1, the use of block chain technology for public sales, improve the security and transparencyn
n2, to resist fraudn
n3, ticket verificationn
n4, should pay the fare collection measures. The system prevents users from blocking the terms of service.n
nnThe development team is now preparing a global marketing campaign to attract the target audience and introduce the benefits of the service.n
nEdinburgh Scottish Street Food Awards The May event was the first success story of the Citizen Ticket, the first ticket to BitTicket. The team admitted that the service met their expectations.n
nShaw-Stewart points out that there is no big change to the customer: the ordering process remains the same and is well understood for the event participants. There are no differences between tickets sold on BitTicket and another e-ticket.n
nCitizen Ticket contributed a small amount of money to charity projects. At present, the company cooperates with two such organizations.n
nAll in all, Shaw-Stewart shared his expectations:n
nn”BitTicket may be tired of ticketing fans and artists’ fresh air to support ethical honest sales and we hope that our service will have a place in the marketplace and become a good place to buy tickets inexpensive.”n

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