Commitment to the mainstream public acceptance of the new currency ICO


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Currency such as Bitcoin and Taalu currency is potentially variable at the macro level, but it is very difficult for most people to speak about the encrypted currency. Indeed, only one million to ten million people (less than 1% of the global population) are exploited by the opportunity created by Bitcoin and its underlying technology. And a large part of this figure is made up of government agencies, stock exchanges, banks, financial services and start-up companies.n
nFor most people, the block chain technology is difficult to grasp. And mining knowledge required for cryptography is difficult to learn, so the mining of encrypted digital currency is difficult. Bitcoin and Taishu currency are relatively popular encrypted currency, but the emerging digital wallet does not have a manual, there is no single platform to deal with the centralization of ordinary users, the global economic environment, the process of monetary unity is still very slow. Then, after so many events in the world’s financial services, there may be hope – the hope from Switzerland.n
nnCorion is a unified, unregulated, decentralized mobile encrypted currency platform that runs on the ethercass Classic block chain and is undergoing ICO. If you buy, will get 3-25% of the reward, and early buyers during the ICO can earn 0.2% of the daily income, service providers in the existing 0-2.5% of the tokens supply growth can be 5 -10 times the return.n
nnICO also gives service providers and consumers an opportunity to invest with new tokens, which can help build the Corion community, and companies and individuals can trade on Corion’s versatile platform. This way safe, fast, users can use Corion tokens real-time transactions.n
nFor the current environment of the entire block chain, Corion would like to mitigate the overall operation of the encrypted digital currency in a central and lending environment. The value of these encrypted currencies is unstable, especially in the past few years in the past few years, a variety of hard bifurcation of the controversy, although the currency as a bit of potential uncertainty of the rise of the successor. Controlling such instability is the scarcity of digital money, since only so many translators and developers can mine and distribute digital money, and demand is clearly not able to balance the equation. Moreover, only 1% of the world’s people are now involved in the use of virtual digital currency, for most people is short-term, speculative income, has not yet changed to a generally acceptable level. The top of the form top of the formn
nnCorion’s main goal is to create a zoning-based, centrally encrypted currency ecosystem that contrasts the existing currency to drive demand based on tokens. The system, which can be accessed through the Corion platform, focuses on how to make Canadian currency money into mainstream applications, transforming it from short-term speculative income to continuous passive income through community management. Moreover, Corion consists of an independent smart contract, implemented by the Solidity voice, to achieve maximum transparency and trust.n
nnnCorion has created a system and a complete set of services to compete with Wall Street investment banks like CITI and BNY Mellon’s emerging block chain services. Corion’s centralized payment, financial, and transaction functions can be handled by the user on a single platform. At the same time, Corion developers are researching B2B to improve the overall user base of all encrypted digital currencies, which is so far no company can do. This innovative business model facilitates cross-currency transactions, network wallet and platform collaboration and collaboration.n
nnTo facilitate the conversion of encrypted digital money to mainstream applications, the Corion platform highlights seven features that make it easier for ordinary users to experience encrypted digital money. These features include a bazaar that facilitates trading, a stable currency that promotes mainstream applications, a user rewards system (a system that allows users to grow their Corion coins based on shilling points), a multi-function that can be used as a primary interface on the platform wallet.n
nnCorion’s project sponsor, Miklos Denkler, will be invited to take the keynote address of the conference, held in Shanghai on July 30th and 31st in Shanghai. Welcome to visit our Corion booth with Miklos to learn more about the Corion project.n
nnAt present, the war of money is still in progress. Corion has a very good vision, we will continue to focus on our innovative platform can change the encrypted world.n

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