Consensus collapse, bitcoin round crash risk

Securities reporter Jiang Fenfen.

Intern Wang Renbo

“For when the circle of friends issued $4600; edit click send when $4500; when the pictures spread circle of friends quickly to $4400; did not dare to speak, afraid to say after a $4300.” Catch the hand speed down speed, it is widely circulated piece circle circle of friends recently. In fact, Beijing in the early morning of 21, BTC in two weeks of bitcoin price below $4100, hit a 13 month low, a month plunged 30%. Insiders from the round down to smell a dangerous atmosphere without warning, the majority of people behind the collapse of faith……

Bitcoin mining machine dubbed “flash crash” according to Jin

From 2009 the first announced bitcoin exchange rate of $1 in exchange for 1309.03 bitcoin, rose to the highest point in 2017 the price of 19891.99 dollars, the price doubled 20 million times, the development of bitcoin is a spike in history, but this still let the currency circle panic.

In recent months, bitcoin prices always shocks at around $6500, but last week began to accelerate the decline. Bitcoin prices fell below $4100, hit a 13 month low. Over the past month, plunged over 30% last year, fell 77%. Bitcoin’s market value from 2017 highs evaporation 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan.

In addition to bitcoin, Ethernet, reboxetine currency and other currencies currency have plummeted, the crypto currency market value of only $150 billion, and $850 billion at the beginning of the scale far.

Once fame coin ring, when a groaning.after. According to media reports, recently, bitcoin market that originally used in mining machine, be “ruthless” to send a discount in the embarrassing situation. In many small bitcoin mine, mine abandoned after Hill piled in the yard, in case the original sale of 2 Taiwan machine, second-hand transfer sell more than 1000.

The “securities” reporter noted that in a bitcoin forum said, “this market mining no significance, or out of it, there are hundreds of Avalon A851, to the private chat.” Get back is 1 dollars a pound, I received……”

A lot of currency speculation began crying game player declare “bankruptcy”, it is understood that in January 1st this year, bitcoin prices reached $13354, as of press time yesterday, bitcoin prices rebounded slightly, the latest price of $4558. This means that if an investor at the beginning of this year to buy 10 bitcoin positions and so far, it will bear the loss of 700 thousand yuan.

Is the War Chiefs Is refers to the collapse of faith

The reason for the bitcoin slump, the “securities” reporter noted that the current market is the general view of bitcoin cash (BCH) community differences.

It is understood that, in order to solve the problem of small capacity bitcoin block, BCH came into being as a bifurcation currency bitcoin. The birth of BCH who has two worthy of special attention, one is Craig Steven Wright, said he is founder of bitcoin Nakamoto himself, has a certain influence in the bitcoin community, dubbed the Macao Cong; another is Wu Jihan, founder of the bit, the company has a large number of bitcoins mills, force. The two sides play “battle”, hope to influence each other encryption currency stable operation and transaction by force. This stage is caused by the fluctuation, bitcoin holders that attack each other in the BCH will spread to bitcoin, rising risk aversion, the sell-off intensified.

However, the November 20th pan city capital chairman Chen Weixing at a summit bluntly, why the recent bitcoin crash? Because the bigwigs are only thinking about doing their own thing, consensus has collapsed. The market may be worse than we thought, “the future of bitcoin prices might fall 50%. If the liquidity of this industry again fell 50%, most basic practitioners have drink the northwest wind.”

The coin circles “million dollars husband” also wrote that bitcoin prices plummeted in addition to technical problems plagued regulators are fighting, and its essence is the people of faith to the center of the consensus collapsed. BCH bifurcation, bigwigs can count on mobilization for the war, the essence is to benefit the implementation of centralized operation. This center is to adhere to the faith draw further apart, the whole group of mongolia.

The “securities” reporter noted that the current digital currency market filled with pessimism, such as cash is the initiator of the Australian War bit the Cong was in the “war” that he believes bitcoin market has no space. Bitcoin will fall to $1000. Only LBank early investor Zhang Hua said publicly: bitcoin fell below $5000 is not the worst thing I’ve ever seen. “2013 2014 prices, more difficult than now, some inevitable test so now experienced only coins ring change.” He said.

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