ConsenSys Academy launched the first global chain chain training program

nnnRossen is the first college place in ConsenSys, ConsenSys Brooklyn and Dubai regional headquarters are ranked first and second in the world, and will be the second phase of the ConsenSys Academy Developer Program’s first selected team The At present, this highly selective developer program has received more than 1,300 applications from 95 countries worldwide through an open two-month application window.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nConsenSys, the world’s largest block chain entrepreneurial studio, and the global block chain specialist, will launch the first team of the ConsenSys Academy Developer Program on August 1, 2017.n
nThe ConsenSys Academy Developer Program is the first end-to-end block chain training program.n
nThe first phase of Phase 1 of the program is a submerged online module, including the co-founder of the APF, ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin’s welcome video.n
nOutstanding students will be invited to participate in the second phase of Dubai Phase 2, Dubai is the global chain of chain leadership and innovation center. Since Dubai’s Future Foundation (DFF) and the Dubai Dubai Office (SDO, Smart Dubai Office) released the Dubai Blockchain Strategy 2020 in 2020, Dubai has attracted the world’s top experts and Talent to help them become the world’s first block chain of government goals. Which ConsenSys Brooklyn and Dubai regional headquarters scale were ranked first in the world and second.n
nThe highly selective developer program has received more than 1,300 applications from 95 countries around the world through an open two-month application window, which includes professional skills in various fields such as data scientists, doctoral students and CEOs. Applicants have more than 30 years of experience in student developers to prove the interests and needs of the education.n
nStrict selection process includes coding exams, but also through its resume and github consider the applicant’s background and experience. This competition process narrows the number of candidates to carefully selected categories of candidates, with an enrollment rate of about 10%.n
nIn addition to the end-to-end ethercom course, students will participate in some of the special topics in the program, such as LLL (Low-level Lisp) language. The popularity of LLL has risen again because of the low level of access to the Etherfoot Virtual Machine (EVM, Ethereum Virtual Machine), which is more efficient and has a smaller binary file capacity, significantly reducing execution and deployment costs. The ConsenSys Academy will include the LLL language training for the Ethereum Developer Course, which details the advantages of the language. Familiarize students with LLL grammar, and describe the language contract. LLL course content is developed by ConsenSys team member and LLL language expert Daniel Ellison.n
nThose who are late in the application period or who have not been selected for the first team can find future application information directly at the ConsenSys Academy website.n
nConsenSys College Introductionn
nConsenSys College is ConsenSys’ solution to the global block chain developer shortage. The block chain market is expected to exceed $ 2.3 billion in 2021, and the technology demand is already high, making smart contracts, encryption technology, de-centric and point-to-point systems the world’s most important skills. The Ether Square as the core of the intensive course, ConsenSys Tutor, extensive network makes high selectivity ConsenSys Academy focused on cultivating a generation of block chain leaders. For more information, please visit
nConsenSys introductionn
nConsenSys is an enterprise production studio and customized software development consulting firm, built to the center of the application (DApps), enterprise solutions and block chain eco-developer tools, the main core is the ether square. Based on intelligent contract and encryption technology, our application can provide block-chain solution unique transparency, audibility, not tampering. For more information, please visit

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