ConsenSys and Mauritius explore the creation of “

nnnIn the wake of the runaway: ConsortSys and the African countries Mauritius, the public and private sector authorities, are actively exploring the intention to co-create the “Everest Island” with the aim of building the island as a chain of chain technology innovators, developing developers, Home, executives, regulators of the talent pool. The use of small countries in the new technology popularization and application of the advantages of creating a block chain technology development of the ecological environment. May also set up another ConsenSys Academy.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe ConsortSys, an entrepreneurial firm, will actively discuss discussions with African countries in Mauritius to create the so-called “ether-tower”, which will extend to Africa, Asia and the world as a whole.n
nJoseph Lubin, founder of the ConsenSys founder and his executive team, visited the island nation from July 5 to 7 and met with the Board of Investment, Bank of Mauritius and others. Private and public sector agencies.n
nMauritius is located 700 miles east of Madagascar, is an offshore financial center, is currently actively exploring the block chain and related technologies. At the end of last year, the country began to develop a regulatory sandbox licensing system to attract blockchain innovators.n
nAfter meeting Lubin told the local media that he and his team members were impressed by the knowledge and passion of local officials.n
nn”We are expected to feel the obvious passion, but still be felt at each venue feel the shock, if Mauritius is committed to the world’s leading position, will be achieved.”n
nnJames Duchenne, the US representative of the Mauritius Investment Committee, who helped organize the visit, said the regulatory sandbox licensing mechanism has attracted strong attention from the chain-chain community since its release.n
nWhy is Mauritius?n
nSo why are well-known ConsenSys, fast-growing block-chain solutions why are companies keen to set up offices on the other side of the world?n

nJoseph Lubinn
nLubin explained the main reason is that he and his team found that small countries have more tools and flexibility than new countries to adapt and adopt new technologies.n
nn”We note that the global block-chain technology, especially the ethertop is on the rise, is driving incredible business growth.”n
nnn”But we see the power of small countries, have the same focus and purpose of the government from top to bottom has a strong technological breakthrough and application motivation.”n
nnConsenSys expects Mauritius to meet all the principles and have the potential to quickly become a chain-chain company with expanding demand.n
nn”It is clear that there is indeed a vision for Mauritius to become a block chain technology center, and we believe that the vision we show here will bring the country to the front end of the tide of IT system change.”n
nHuman investmentn
nOnce Consensys decides to work with Mauritius, the investment in the island will be dominated by human capital rather than physical capital.n
nThe company says that the value orientation of the island is the basic element of building a chain-chain ecology, such as KYC, digital identity and property registration, to help develop a pool of developers, entrepreneurs, executives, regulators, created in the ecology Applications and companies.n
nFollowing Dubai, the ConsenSys Academy, established in Mauritius, became an option for local talent pooling.n
nConsenSys Personnel Director Jeremy Millar said:n
nn”If the discussion continues for the past few days, I will soon be able to see another ConsenSys Academy running in Mauritius.”n
nnAlthough not to determine the specific time, but both sides have shown a strong continuation and in-depth dialogue enthusiasm.n

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