ConsenSys carried out the Social Impact Alliance block chain project

nnSummary: The chain-chain company ConsenSys announced that it will launch a project called the Social Impact Alliance Block Chain (BSIC), which includes a number of well-known influential organizations that plan to use block-chain technology to help humanitarian organizations solve social and Environmental issues. The focus of the project on the need to help the crowd, very social significance, worthy of attention.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe block chain company ConsenSys announced that it would launch a new project aimed at using the APF block chain to provide assistance to those in need.n
nThe project, known as the Social Impact Alliance Block Chain (BSIC), aims to hatch, develop and implement investmentable, scalable and replicable block-chain solutions while addressing social and environmental issues.n
nA total of more than 30 delegates from their 22 member organizations participated in the project start-up meeting, including EduDao, Disberse, High Tech Humanitarians, Logos Global Advisors, MIT Solve, New America: Future Property Rights, Nordic Impact, slavefreetrade, Sustainability International , ALICE, Tata Consultancy Services and the World Wildlife Fund. They discussed the potential challenges of cross-sectoral cooperation, as well as potential use cases in the humanitarian sector.n
nThe project will show block chains to help humanitarian organizations increase the potential for transparency, accountability and efficiency and improve the lives of recipients. BSIC identified four target areas as initial starting points:n
nnIdentity and disadvantaged groupsn
nEnergy and Environmentn
nsupply chain n
nFinancial Pratt u0026 Whitneyn
nnIn accordance with its official announcement, members will choose their own working groups to cooperate in these specific areas. The Working Group will meet once a month to identify key initiatives, feedback on existing projects, and develop strategies to accelerate the use of block chains. In addition, BSIC is also creating a center to meet the network, open to the general public, has been held in New York, London and Washington, DC activities.n
nBen Siegel, ConsentSys’ influence policy manager, said:n
nn”We now have an alliance, the members of the organization from a wide range of influence departments, dedicated to exploring the block chain technology to help people in need and create, test and implement the necessary solutions.”n
nnBSIC also plans to hold a one-month virtual hacker marathon later this year. The conceptual validation developed during this activity will form the basis for an MVP development project that will provide investment opportunities and solutions for the influential organization.n
nConsenSys also launched “ConsenSys Diligence” last month, which is aimed at improving the etherfront ecosystem by developing technical levels, security best practices, legal precautions and ethical business practices.n

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