ConsenSys Team Debuts in China for the First Time Toward the Blockchain Hive Institute Share How to Build High Quality DApp

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On November 29, the first phase of Wanxiang Blockchain Beehive successfully held!n
Although the weather is gloomy, the atmosphere is exceptionally warm. The venue at 19 / F, Hua Hong International Mansion, Hongkou District, Shanghai is very popular. It is the core developer team of ConsenSys, the world’s leading blockchain company, that made this premiere for Honeycomb Academy, the first of its kind in China. In addition, Wanxiang Block Chain AG Deputy General Manager, Wanxiang blockchain consulting business partners and the new chain accelerator person in charge Wanhai platform general manager Tao Quaming and Wan Yun chief architect and product director Li Chen also As a special guest of the event, he expressed his welcome to guests coming from afar and introduced Wanyun Innovation Platform and Open Plan.n

(Universal block chain deputy general manager Tao Quaming do opening speech)n
The ConsenSys Developer Tools Core Team on-site introduced Truffle, MetaMask, Infura, uPort, the leading developer and underlying services in Ethereum’s blockchain, and demonstrated live demonstrations of how these tools and services can help developers quickly build high Quality DApp. DApp, a blockchain application, is a combination of smart contracts and user interfaces. It combines smart contracts with traditional web / mobile applications and is a blockchain-specific technology stack.n
Among the four products featured this time, Truffle is the most popular development framework for Ethereum blockchain applications developers who can quickly create, compile, publish and test smart contract and blockchain applications on Truffle. MetaMask is a plug-in that allows users to interact with blockchain applications through a web browser. By integrating Web3 APIs with Javascript, blockchain applications can read the information directly, eliminating the need for local nodes to interact with DApps. At the event, G. Nicholas D’Andrea, Truffle’s core developer, and Kevin Serrano, the core developer of MetasMask, first introduced to the audience how to quickly develop and deploy blockchain applications using both tools and showcase an interesting area Blockchain Applications The Pet Store covers the entire process of creating, compiling, publishing, and testing blockchain applications.n
Infura co-founder Michael Wuehler analyzes the challenges developers face in supporting infrastructure and how to use Infura to address these challenges. Infura provides infrastructure services such as blockchain clusters and API endpoints worldwide and is committed to providing secure, stable, fault-tolerant and scalable blockchain interfaces for use by Ethereum, IPFS, and other emerging distributed platforms .n
Micheal Sena, co-founder of uPort, looks at the client side and points out that there are many difficulties in developing a user-friendly Ethereum client, a mobile distributed identity management platform that helps users autonomize information, enabling users It’s easier to use Ethereum. He showed off uPort’s core features and elaborated on how to integrate uPort into blockchain applications.n

(Wan Yun chief architect and product director introduced Li Wan Wan open platform)n
Finally, Li Yun, chief architect and product director of Wan Yun, started from Wan Yun’s blockchain ecosystem and business scenario and introduced Wan Wan as an open platform for neutral blockchain innovation and how to provide developers with more choices.n
In his speech, Li Chen introduced Wan Wan’s product positioning of providing technical services, building a community of block chains and accelerating the landing of blockchains, and will take this as the direction to provide coverage for the majority of blockchain developers. , Factom, Matrix BCOS, Qtum, interest chain and other current mainstream technology blockchain blockbuster services and high-speed Wan Wan full-node services. More Wan Wan IDE – the whole stack block chain development solutions. You can build a blockchain development environment in minutes to easily meet the enterprise-wide blockchain application development needs. Has now supported the development of Ethereum, will soon be adapted to the Alliance chain development. At the same time Wanyun open the API business, in December this year will be on the line “cloud market”, this product will help developers to increase project display and download channels. From the introduction, the audience also learned that the latest version of Wan Wan is online. The new version adds the third-party account login mode of uPort. Users can download and register the uPort client and log in to WanWen platform by scanning the QR code. This is also the first phase of the project Wanwan open platform – access third-party access. You can click below to “read the original”, Wan Wan official website, for more information.n
The combination of theory and real-world scene sharing allows the audience to follow the rhythm of the speaker and actively interact with their guests, gaining experience in DApp development and further understanding of these tools.n

(Hive Academy Activity Audience Actively Interact with Guests)n
Hive Institute is a offline activity brand built by Wanxiang Blockchain and continues to pay close attention to the cutting-edge technologies and hot topics in the relevant areas of the blockchain. Bring together the most influential opinion leaders, industry pioneers, entrepreneurial professionals, experts and scholars in the world and strive to record every moment of moment when the new technology changes the times we live in. Through small-scale face-to-face exchanges. From time to time, the Cellular Academy will launch a high-quality blockchain event where interested audiences can scan or press the QR code below to follow the WeChat universal blockchain for the latest information and content sharing.n

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