ConsenSys team to bring products to show Honeycomb Institute, the core developers take you to understand how to build blockchain applications

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With the rapid development of blockchain technology, countless use cases or pilot projects continue to emerge. Various industries such as finance, healthcare and insurance are making various attempts. However, due to the early development of this technology, many problems need improvement , So the application of this technology in real life is still very rare. In terms of a very important blockchain ecosystem such as Ethereum, which can achieve a lot of things, how to expand the range of applications and how to get the project to work has become a top priority for realizing the full potential of this technology.n
ConsenSys as the first speaker at Wanxiang Blockchain Hive Institute opened a week-long tour of China, which aims to help more domestic developers and start-ups reduce the barriers to using blockchain technology. In the open source bottom layer Blockchain products based on more innovation, while promoting the implementation of more blockchain applications. During the trip to China, the four core developers of the ConsenSys team took an interview with and introduced four development tools. In addition, the hard-to-fork Published their own views.n
Chunlan Qiuju, complement each othern
The trip to China, ConsenSys team brings four for the developer of infrastructure products – Truffle, MetaMask, Infura, uPort. Truffle and Metamask are the first two tools that developers will use first for any application development at Ethereum. As the most popular development framework for Ethereum blockchain applications development, Truffle enables developers to quickly create, compile, publish and test smart contracts and blockchain applications. Metamask, a plug-in for user-friendly interaction with blockchain applications, bridges existing browsers to future distributed networks and allows users to run Ethereum in their browsers without having to run Ethereum locally Decentralized application (DApp).n
nTruffle – the bottom of the open frameworkn
As we all know, smart contract is the core of Ethereum blockchain. How to write and manage smart contracts better and more easily is fundamental to building applications in the Ethereum blockchain. According to G. Nicolas D’Andrea, Truffle’s core developer, Truffle’s built-in smart contract compilation, deployment and management capabilities put pressure on developers to deploy early and continue to manage smart contracts in the future, allowing them to focus more on their applications Design a better user experience. At the same time, the tool also helps developers easily deploy their applications to the public and private chains, connecting smart contracts with the front end, providing a “one-stop-shop” development environment.n
nnMetamask – The bridge connecting an existing browser to a future distributed networkn
Metamask injects Javascript Web3 integration into a normal browser in the form of a plug-in, which enables users to access DApp through a normal browser. The application front end does not need to do key management anymore. At the same time, the plug-in to allow rapid switching between multiple accounts, to facilitate developers to use different accounts for application testing. According to Kevin Serrano, the core developer of Metamask, Metamask is able to interoperate with Truffle to create a better development experience for developers.n
nnInfura – The solution to the challenges faced by the blockchain in applying the underlying architecturen
Infura is an infrastructure service that provides blockchain clusters and API endpoints worldwide. In short, Infura provides a convenient blockchain interface for secure, stable access to emerging markets such as Ethereum and IPFS Platform, with high fault tolerance and scalability.n
Nowadays, the most urgent problem to be solved in the blockchain is the scalability problem, which is particularly true for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The problems of blockchain caused by the increase of transaction volume and the decrease of transaction speed are imminent. Community are actively discussing the relevant solutions. Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, put forward the first concept-based sharding scheme at the BeyondBlock in Taipei. Without considering the use of large nodes or even group nodes, efforts were made to avoid the tendency of centralization, Thousands of trading volume chain optimization. However, this program is still in the conceptual stage and has not been implemented yet. So now, Infura can bring the scalability is particularly important.n
nIn an interview with, Infura co-founder Micheal Wuehler introduced that since January this year, Infura’s daily traffic has increased to 1.7 billion daily. Now that infrastructure development has been completed Mature, its full scale can be put into production, commercial promotion.n
nuPort – mobile end of the autonomous identity management platformn
The so-called autonomous identity management is to give users the right to manage their own information. Currently, there are an endless number of platforms and clients in different networks, and users often need to separately register multiple accounts, which greatly weakens the user experience of blockchain applications. uPort, a blockchain-based identity management platform that takes full advantage of the blockchain’s transparency but at the same time meets the privacy needs of users by providing features such as private key management, fingerprint login, transaction signing, and authentication management, not only Improves the user experience of Ethereum applications, and supports multi-account management of cross-link, cross-traditional server applications and blockchain applications to meet KYC requirements for different applications.n
nAlthough these four bottom-level infrastructures have different areas they specialize in, they are still interoperable with each other. Among them, Metamask uses the Infura interface to connect to Ethereum, while Infura is part of the Truffle development process, with Truffle setting up multiple deployment endpoints including testnet and mainnet.n
How to understand hard fork?n
At the end of the interview, the four most technologically advanced developers expressed their opinions on the hard-fork problem that is currently hotly contested both in Bitcoin and in the Ethereum community. Given the current hard-fork boom in the Bitcoin community, Infura’s Micheal Wuehler said:n
n”The current hard-fork in the community is a very interesting one in the blockchain, which is good overall, because the core of the blockchain is to allow different people in the community to get together Consensus on a certain issue, hard-forking allows people to focus on their own ideological system, so I think hard forking is not a negative phenomenon, such as Ethereum is actively in accordance with their own roadmap to upgrade, if properly guided , Hard-forking can guide technology and communities move in a positive direction. “n
nAnd Truffle’s G. Nicolas D’Andrea said that hard-forking allows communities to breathe new life in and out is a very effective tool that preserves only the benefits of functionality while making changes to only a few features, More new possibilities.n
In the meantime, in view of the frequent falsification of virtual currency such as Parity and Tether, Wuehler said that hard-forking is also a very good solution, but it will still be up to the community to decide if this will happen. G. Nicolas D’Andrea said the key is whether the problem needs to be solved by hard fork, and the community naturally makes a choice if the solution is really useful.n
As the world’s leading blockchain startup studio, ConsenSys is dedicated to developing Ethereum’s ecosystem by building and maintaining Ethereum client and developer tools, and now has operations in five continents. The ConsenSys team also said to that the four products it brings are just the most basic Ethereum infrastructure. In the future, it will also work with Wanxiang Blockchain The Wan Yun Block Chain Platform continues its in-depth cooperation, bringing more developer tools to Chinese developers to facilitate the development of block chain applications and helping the global community including China to promote the practical application of blockchain technology.n

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