Cosmetics giant Lush accept Bitcoin payment

nnnRush said: plant skin care giant Lush announced that the British shop will accept Bitcoin payment in order to increase the global payment of the British shop. Using the same currency to pay for the global customers to provide the same commodity prices, and can not be affected by banks and other factors, easy to participate in global charity.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nAnti-cruel animal plant skin care giant Lush announced that its shop will bold step, began to accept Bitcoin payment.n
nThis store all over the world of the British cosmetics high street brand that should be advancing with the times, using the most popular encryption currency bit as currency, as a shop to pay.n
nFollow the giantsn
nLush will welcome this new currency technology, followed by Microsoft, Expedia, Steam and other large enterprises to join the rising field of bitcoin.n
nThe plan is to use this decentralized currency to increase the global payment of its UK shop.n
nBecause Bitcoin does not anchor any currency and is not affected by global exchange volatility, global customers can pay the same price.n
nBalance the marketn
nFinancial manager Mike West explained:n
nn”We accept Bitcoin payments to make Lush excited, Bitcoin makes global customers pay for our products at the same price, free from currency fluctuations and high bank charges. Encrypted currency is the future of global trade, and we want to make sure we are ready to enter this new The digital age “.n
nnLush hopes to use Bitcoin to explore more possibilities, rather than just a digital currency for payment options. The company hopes to use this global decentralized currency to open the door to global markets, suppliers and even rural charities.n
nUse bit currencyn
nBanking supervision and cross-border transactions involving charities often hinder their participation, so Lush believes that the global payment system will make them more involved.n
nThe transparency of the spot currency transaction and the infinite nature of the scope of application means that the company can break through the simple sale and use it in many areas.n
nThe first stage n
nThis is only the beginning of the company, because they know the function of the digital currency is not just tokens. Lush argues that accepting Bitcoin payments is the first step in entering the chain chain industry and providing “reasonable probability of assertions”.n

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