“Cow bear Apocalypse” | Mint: very few to see the boundless

Following the October launch of high-end video chat show “face” gangster, recently, Bo chain finance and to join the 36 krypton exclusive strategic Associated Media “Odaily|” Daily Planet launched the depth of interactive online interview column — “CBBC Apocalypse”, aims at crossing the bull and bear the hearts of dialogue, with “elegant” spend money ring long bear.

Distinguished guest

Mint, Mixin COO

Early digital currency investors, the domestic bitcoin community one of the early builders.

2012, the translation and introduction of a large number of bitcoin related articles; participate in bitcoin and block chain industry in terms of compilation, translation books in the “master” and “bitcoin currency” behind the secret.

2015, jiarubite responsible for investment related matters, and.

In July 2017, joined the INBlockchain core team, and be responsible for BigONE exchange transaction.

In 2018, joined the Mixin, as COO.


Wang Hui, Bo chain finance founder, senior TMT produced by the media, financial media editor, with securities and fund qualifications, has served more than 7 years in the Tencent.com technology channel and the “investment circles” and other well-known media.

The following is the interview record

Bo Chain Finance: as the first batch of domestic bitcoin contact person, what is the chance to contact with bitcoin? That is what a bitcoin? Why do you always stay in this industry?

Mint: I into time, is accidental, then the bean to see a post, the story is a 9 year old boy, by running a computer program has received many bitcoin reward, then he gave his beloved teacher bought a Porsche. I was very curious, running a calculation and program rewards why has the value, then spent a couple of months, has been in search of information, slowly understand some basic principle.

When the search data will only be used by Baidu, and then know the long sword in bitcoin, go to micro-blog attention to him, he was doing personal webmaster. Later work bitcoin community, I became the first batch of Babbitt forum moderator. At the time of registration of UID is 89, I remember now.

8 months after 2013 years, the market will cool down, I remember the price of bitcoin is from 8000 to 4000 and then slowly began to cut, to early 2014 fell to the lowest 900 yuan.

In the community that everyone is not the end, is really desperate, not sure whether the industry will disappear tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. This industry has no boundaries, many people see is the abyss, very few people can see no occasion to.

I stay in this industry because of luck, because I started to contact people is just to love bitcoin ideas together in person. Long clip, Wu Jihan is the early preacher, their influence on me, long swords founded Babbit for many years as one day the contents of the output, Wu Jihan is the earliest Nakamoto bitcoin white translator.

Early coin circle has many warm, Q Peace Hotel, in the Republic, was the first bitcoin sermon has done a lot of things lovers. How to describe it, is a very technical fan community, everyone talked very little fresh ideal. When I was in school, early bitcoin community meets my needs with [].

As a financial chain Bo did not graduate, began to soak in the bitcoin industry old driver, have no experience in other industries, there is no regret?

Mint: regret, regret is not possible. My character is not a person will come back, I was down, I would never thought of moving back to pick up. So I developed a once a decision is made, it will only forward not backward character; if there is a chance, I will definitely choose to come in.

I have no background, no special elite professional financial knowledge, if you selected occupation in this industry, need a lot of learning a lot before did not come into contact with things, because my major is law graduate in sociology. So for economic and financial research, it is difficult.

But anyway, I think I need money now to meet the basic circle, a group of like-minded partners across the class company, wealth, will also give me the occupation to meet future, didn’t want to go, now do not want to go, but do not rule out after going to see.

I think that the development of block chain industry too fast, practitioners need very strong learning ability to keep up with this outbreak. Now the financial industry practitioners outstanding practitioners and the Internet are good into the circle, a lot of pressure to practitioners and motivation to iterative knowledge base.

Bo Chain Finance: as we, the column positioning – “CBBC Apocalypse”, all have the financial and property fields will have the fluctuation cycle, the current digital currency is in the worst bear market cycle, as the representative through contracts, you have experienced how the bull and bear market bull market, how to “make money” bear, how to live?

Mint: my way of earning money is outdated, hoard coins. The coin hoard is long-term money, the most simple, everyone can learn to investment strategy. This year, the bear market will be a loss of 2014, mining, the bear market of 2015 for a long time mining profitable, I count each impression mill force is T, the return period is three months to half a year, ranging from. Yesterday saw pond boss share, recently put into field loss will be more miserable, China can get the lowest price now the average price in 0.25-0.3 yuan, start to lose.

If it is for entrepreneurs, now to B and to C are very difficult to do business, now the business circles of everyone in the layoffs efficiency, maintain a small team, through the bear market. The MiXin team now maintains the size of 20 people, is a great advantage.

As the chain, at this stage, the main focus on the development, developers of ecological construction and ecological building DApp.

Bo Chain Finance: the wave of bitcoin bull market peaked after 2013 years, also experienced a 3 year long bear, in this period, you have done what? How to stick?

Mint: I go to school in Yunnan in 2013 2014, Babbitt joined the translation team, there was a Book of sand plan. Technician is bitcoin, translating an article about the money to earn 0.1-0.2BTC, now that I think is very happy.

The most interesting thing in 2014, I went to the border after drug research, there was a 6.4 earthquake in Yunnan in August, when one fund first to accept bitcoin donations. A warm seasons charity money ring established, donated some of bitcoin, back into materials, I brought to the earthquake stricken area.

In 2015 June, I went to Hangzhou, with a long sword after the decision in the chat Babbitt internship, do competitive currency (copycat currency) forum editor. In a Shanghai event met Wu Jihan and talked for a while, then in August to do a bit, tube pearson. Then, without a strong purpose to say what they want to do, only to learn.

Bear when you accumulate your skills, then I went to a bit over 6 English only, the level is not very good, then feel the need to upgrade. I remember the internship salary 4000, I reported a forty thousand language training class (now that I think was very routeng). But English fill up, see the technical documentation and white paper no problem.

Doing business is the same, when 2014 2015, then, the financing difficulties of Babbitt, long swords and running around, to continue to engage in their own content output. Also, bit operating difficulties, a backlog of stacker sold, then slowly survived.

In fact, the bear market is a good time to do things.

Bo chain financial : if you predict the bitcoin market, the most pessimistic scenario, will fall to what price?

Mint: bitcoin curve slowly rules, will not fall below a minimum band positions cost $2000-3000.

Bo Chain Finance: if in the future there will be a bull market, probably in what kind of environment was born, and when the arrival of?

Mint : the blockchain iterative cycles are getting shorter, because more manpower and resources in this industry to come together, don’t look now cold, wait until the market up, you will find that there are so many teams are preparing for the state. (market) is certainly not like a bear bear more than two years before.

BitCoin is the world’s many influence factors, each country’s political and economic fluctuations will affect the price of BTC. The market of 99% block chain assets, in addition to a stable currency of this special category, will be the trend with the BTC market basically. It can be said that BTC is the benchmark asset chain block.

Before the Venezuelan national currency fluctuations larger, bitcoin prices can be pulled 20% of the price.

Of course, when the body is small, now mainly to see the Wall Street last week, OTC circle appeared in a 200 thousand bitcoin list, I have not verified true or false, but the traditional capital money approach, which is always happened.

Samsung Group is the accumulation of a large number of bitcoins in 2013 years ago.

So I think to have a year to breathe good practitioners. Everyone in the bull market when it is not.

Bo Chain Finance: “roast cat stock” is a wave of bitcoin investors circle a magic exists, how it is, there will be no later “mine tyrants Wu Jihan what, if you see the roast cat, most want to say to him?

Mint : want to borrow Li gave birth to it, “be happy, the world is not worth.” If you want to always beat the competition, the most difficult way is to live a little longer than the other.

Bo chain financial : as a bit early, when employees recruited? What time to leave, why did you leave? What is the opportunity to let you out of your own business?

Mint : August 2015 to Beijing, then leave in 2016, spent almost a year. 2016 Beijing haze is very serious, the air is too bad, that when you want to rest. Entrepreneurship is the individual work, I participate in the MiXin is mainly to see the potential direction.

I predict that the future of public chain competition as competition early Internet giant, the outbreak of the “100 chain wars” and “thousand chain wars”, so I chose to do a cross link protocol.

Bo chain financial : do you think of the BCH bifurcation, the bit, what effect can you have? Jia Nan Yun Chi IPO was stopped, what do you think of this bit, IPO industry has such influence?

Mint : BCH bifurcation, the community is a good thing, but also the inevitable result of the development of the block chain, the community must be multi center or weak center of. For the bit continent, not very good results.

Money is hard to put the IPO ring enterprise digital asset in the enterprise to obtain a reasonable explanation to do. China is not a “case law” countries, there is no a written law to define digital assets.

The road is still long. 2014 in Australia, the Martians were going to BITCOIN GROUP listed, the first coin circle of listed companies fail, Jia Nan Yun Chi (Avalon) 2. This is a bit, coin circle enterprise a third try, if the market continued to bear, bit, or difficult breaking.

I am looking forward to the currency circle of listed companies can succeed, this shows that the traditional industry has been recognized. But step back and say, the market is not the only way which must be passed, from a certain point of view, it is to the center of the community back. So, no matter the blessing bit, listed the success to the development of the industry is progress.

Bo Chain Finance: machine block chain, in addition to exchange outside the best business model? Why is the opportunity to take the lead in IPO mine?

Mint : the machine itself is not one of the most high-quality investment targets, but it is a lot of investors to enter the traditional currency circle will try to investment goods. With the perfect first machine should be money circle of fictitious economy and entity [] [], is a kind of transition pattern. When the market price is relatively stable currency, to provide cash flow.

But in fact, an account balance, if the same amount of money for digital currency and investment vehicle, also dug up coins to electricity, currency speculation money recycling investment vehicle, in fact your income is exponential decline. But mine is indeed in a certain period of time, a better way to get cash flow.

In my opinion, IPO is because of the traditional enterprise and its investors to understand the earnings and relatively stable income. The market risk is great.

Bo Chain Finance: this time BCH bifurcation, to some extent causes behind bitcoin slump, some people say that this is the consensus of the collapse of the bifurcation will break you think bitcoin will become more and more consensus, strengthen the consensus?

Mint: bitcoin consensus only because other block chain collapse and strong consensus. A block chain is a national, ideological, color, bitcoin bitcoin is not globalization, global community preachers nurtured the early with Nakamoto never mind, than bitcoin, Nakamoto is now more like a symbol.

If bitcoin can die, had died ten thousand times.

Now the blockchain market belongs to the very early, early in the “system center” or weak center, must be accompanied by a small center, once appear very strong “giants” in the market will soon be diluted into more than a weak center, so early in the chain block the world, if you want to survive for a long time, select “like-minded” allies, the formation of the ecological alliance is very important.

If you let the Bo Chain Finance: list the most important currency circle of 3 people, you will be listed?

Nakamoto So, Wu Jihan, Vitailk : mint . They are bitcoin history breaking one of the most important milepost type.

Bo Chain Finance: chat, now your business, MiXin, can use the most simple words, describe what he was doing, in block chain to solve the problem?

Mint: MIXIN NETWORK is a block chain link all assets of the lightning network, in MIXIN NETWORK, can occur across chain asset transactions, what do you mean, I used bitcoin can change your etheric square, in the MIXIN network, can achieve very fast confirmation, no transfer fee, and each a transaction in the chain can be seen.

The relative merits of other chain is:

1. supports all high-quality block chain assets; now supports 13 male chain, more than 5 million digital currency;

2. free transfers between users;

3. of all transactions on the chain can be found;

The application of 4. to support the commercial grade;

For developers, Ethernet and EOS square DApp development of the advantages and disadvantages of Ethernet, with small square, can only confirm 20-40 transactions per second, and EOS to create a developer account needs EOS mortgage, creating complex, high fees.

MIXIN DApp NETWORK can greatly reduce development costs, create free accounts, unlimited concurrent transaction confirmation, speed, support for multiple languages, the development cost is very low.

At present we have several applications of MIXIN MESSENGER community, the future is an extensible function tool, now is the form of chat software + wallet; bottom is based on MIXIN NETWORK, integrated wallet and transaction function; to build up here the blockchain community in the future.

Bo Chain Finance : MiXin bear market in which layout? How to DApp development? What are the future of the development plan?

Mint: Mixin recently launched a developer contest, the core code and DApp has been developing a light, MESSENGER DApp, the team update frequency is basically a week two version.

We have some very good DApp in the run, Japan’s largest software market, COINVIEW MESSENGER, and one to the center of the exchange, OceanONE.

At present in the cross link protocol on the track, we haven’t met competitors. We are also trying to more possibilities, the timeline is the main line in February next year, then OceanONE will become the official version from Beta. In addition to financial institutions in cooperation with Nepal, we still have several cooperation now not finish is not revealed. We are now the most important thing is to get the infrastructure to do a solid.

Bo Chain Finance: Thanksgiving would like to thank the most is?

Mint: most would like to thank the people, now in Tokyo, a loving and peaceful fat uncle (cat).

The cat on the industry’s judgment is very accurate, he can capture ETH and EOS outbreak of the opportunity, the year with flying cloud old coins.

Since 2017, the cat has brought me a market analysis, guiding me to asset allocation, but also in the cat’s guidance, I can quickly access to EOS, 3 to block point killed in, to achieve the ideal. Thank you, uncle cat!

The cat is a moral bottom line than the ordinary people abnormal. We have the opportunity to go to Tokyo to visit him.

Users interact

Question: for investors, need to have the value of bitcoin. At present, the value of bitcoin is not stable, and almost no physical link, non standardized transactions that many investors are actually speculation. Whether you need a stable, leading to bitcoin value mechanism? (for example, its business or religious alliance etc.)

Mint: if bitcoin can be a house or a goods hook, lost bitcoin free value. Vehicle manufacturers have tried to dominate the core development, ended in failure, not to mention the market.

Question: bitcoin has anarchism that cannot replace the central bank, at this stage if the unified management by the state will lose its original intention. Pragmatists are more willing to be regarded as a technology, but in the development of technology is extremely slow now, the so-called “circle chain” should also pay attention to what? (now the “chain circle” is still disguised RMB?)

Mint: bitcoin was born from the white paper to the preacher’s article, had never had before to replace [central bank], only provides a way to adapt to the Internet after the birth of the value of transmission mechanism. Internet enhanced global information exchange, enhance the value of global bitcoin exchange, is also a great existence.

The chain circle continue to focus on technology now, researchers have a central group devoted to the center of the network.

Question : want to ask mixin with other cross chain advantages compared to what? Also referred to the 100 thousand chain, chain wars before you, in fact, in accordance with the law, the final survival may have 1-2 projects in the same block chain.

Mint: MIXIN like no other cross chain protocol in very complex ways, but the use of engineering, all outstanding public chain to accommodate MIXIN, also support the future excellent backbone.

Technically speaking, MIXIN followed the data structure in the Cong UTXO, make the transaction more simple, free, and can satisfy the needs of concurrent business.

Bitcoin is in fact the synthesizer, itself does not have to invent new things.

As for the MIXIN, do not try to invent new wheels, but with the engineering way, let the blockchain networks become faster and more convenient.


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