Crash! Bitcoin than the miserable currency, Chongqing girl huge loss of 1.2 billion

I have a coin circle of friends, and I talk to buy the ring last year (Beijing) real estate which.

Today when we meet for dinner,

He said to me: “Hello, this is your takeaway.”

On the fast money, stocks, real estate, drug trafficking, rob a bank, but do all bitcoin.

At the end of 2017, bitcoin is still 20 thousand high of $10 bitcoin overlooking the world, can buy a Mercedes Benz S500 car, 100 bitcoin can buy Sanju room in Shenzhen…… But in 2009, $1 will be able to exchange 1309 coins.

However, by 2018, bitcoin opened the “fall” mode.

In the evening of November 14th, it is a sudden change in the situation, the bitcoin dollar fell $648.75, or up to 10.36%. In November 20th, bitcoin fell again, fell more than 16%, fell below $4100.

These are not the biggest decline, more panic at the weekend. Beijing time on November 25th at about 5 in the morning, bitcoin began a frenzied dive. One day succession broke the 4200 and 4100, 4000, 3900, 3800, 3700, 3600, 3500 eight points.

A summary of the media: one day, down 12%; January, fell 42%; within a year, fell 77%, the market value of the evaporation of 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan!

The blood in the sea, no sleep money ring. Over 8 years up to 25 million times the bitcoin, has turned into countless people in purgatory. The coin circle seems to have become miserable than congress”:

A senior game player coin circle said their assets has been a loss of more than 85%, “declared bankruptcy”.

The most miserable leek, who also miserable Chongqing girl yang. This year 9 month 5 day bitcoin below $7000, 1.2 million people direct losses. She said the mouth, the day plunged, lost 40 million too, but the other 80 million, sincerely convinced; she is suspected of price manipulation platform, resulting in explosion.

A coin into the circle of error for life, in addition to leek, and listed companies. The new three board company Tieqi “Chairman Zhang Yanqing, it exposes 100 million deficit currency speculation. In February 6, 2018, he broke the positions in the trading platform, lost 500 bitcoin wallet; May 22nd upgrade, then lost 800 bitcoins. Because of currency speculation, thanks to the lack of cash 20 thousand.

Is bitcoin slump bloodbath, is more than a game player, and the miners. Down now, bitcoin has been more expensive than bread flour “dilemma: $4500 is bitcoin mining machine cost price lower than the price, to dig coins have been unprofitable, people can only be sold as scrap in pounds.

In addition, the miners not only have to leave, even in the upstream of the mill and mill sales are managed to start a career change, and even sell the mining machine and the boss has been in custody in its part-time derivative selling shoes sell silk stockings.

Perhaps, many people have suffered will remember Warren Buffett’s words: bitcoin is a mirage, is a way to transfer funds, is two times of rat poison.

Because of the speculative property such as virtual currency bitcoin, as early as last September, Chinese people’s Bank and other departments jointly announced shut down virtual currency trading platform.

National Internet financial risk special rectification team leader, deputy governor of the people’s Bank of China Pan Gongsheng this year is that virtual currency trading places and ICO behavior, illegal financial activities, must be “outcrop”.

In most countries, bitcoins are not included in the scope of supervision, the loss of assets under high risk of users. Recently, “the Australian currency circle chiefs’ – Craig Steven Wright Australia openly said: never what digital assets, only fraud and sound cash.

The remarks, revealed the coin circle a bare fact: bitcoin never really create wealth, only to be harvested by leek and transfer of wealth.

All people with fantasy flourishes in the industry, are deceptive, the ultimate aim is to cut the leek of ordinary people.

Create real value of the industry for the society, little flourishes rumors, all need to truly pay the sweat and hard work. But through long-term accumulation and appropriate asset allocation, people can really change your finances, harvest happiness.

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