Crebit Credit Reporting Platform: Allow digital assets to reach 7.4 billion people worldwide

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The blockchain, as its underlying technology, has also become widely known and recognized as the next generation Internet-disruptive technology under the brightest financial star Bitcoin in 2017. With a wave of digital assets that have swept across more than 138 countries around the world, the Crebit project to be launched in February 2018 is dedicated to making real and effective use of this industry feature by introducing an AI credit rating in the field of credit reporting, keeping digital assets close to daily life Life, benefit each step in life.n
Blockchain technology addresses two fundamental issues – time and trust, which are central to the realm of credit reporting. At present, the large amount of credit related data may be delayed in the transmission process, resulting in lack of authenticity and not really valid information. At the same time, as the lifeblood of commerce, a small number of institutions monopolize a large amount of data. The validity of Crebit data is derived from the natural features of digital assets and the entire network of the blockchain, deconcentration, trust, and transactional data transparency. It standardizes credit through direct access to real data – transactional data, artificial intelligence-driven big data analytics and deep learning technologies. Crebit will scientifically calculate, analyze and speculate the credit of each account, launch the function of account credit score, complete the risk prediction and trend forecast of each application scenario, and make intelligent decision recommendation. Crebit is a platform that connects digital asset transactions in the virtual world with real-world credit history records in everyday life, enabling users to make online and offline credit forecasts and credit fraud in the world.n
In addition to the authenticity and standardization of blockchain technology, the Cre contract platform’s smart contracts also feature a borderless nature of digital assets that will likely cover 7.4 billion people worldwide. Alibaba and Alipay and other mobile financial instruments advantage is limited to the country’s population is different, Crebit is based on borderless such as bitcoin, Ethereum and other ten mainstream digital assets, do not need to face the regional financial barriers, cumbersome financial institutions Audit tools. According to the Global Digital Cryptosurrency Benchmarking Study published by the University of Cambridge Alternative Finance Center in 2017, as of April 2017, 138 countries worldwide have been involved in digital asset transactions with more than 1 million active users. Facts have proved that the popularity of digital transactions has been fully rolled out at the global level. Faced with an increasing number of digital asset users, Crebit will provide unique access features based on market needs, including faster access to customer transactions in the past; the provision of unique financial interaction marketing campaigns and the granting of discounts to a wide range of digital asset users. It is foreseeable that future global population may benefit from the Crebit credit system.n
Crebit is one of the few projects that takes the blockchain and artificial intelligence in a commoditized way to business life applications. It avoids the high volatility of digital assets, but treats every user equally based on its real transaction data, establishes a scientific and standardized credit rating, and displays the characteristics of blockchain equality and democracy in the field of credit investigation . Every time, whether it is paying a hotel deposit or buying a home with a loan, Crebit is a financial tool that directly benefits digital asset owners in their daily lives.n

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