Credit card giant Visa suggests a digital asset service plan based on block-chain digital signatures

nnnPost Comment: public records show that the credit card giant Visa applied for a block chain related patents, the use of block-chain digital signature to build a trusted digital asset services, the transfer of encrypted assets. The system may be applicable to the public chain and private chain, signed by the sender of the assets that its legitimacy, the signature of the administrative body that digital assets to obtain its approval and records. A digital signature may indicate that the transfer of the ownership of the digital asset is irrevocable. But there is no exact message, just based on the block chain payment and the B2B platform is already in progress.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nPublic records show that the world’s largest credit card issuer may use block chains for encrypted asset transfers.n
nThe patent application released last week revealed that four of the Visa Worldwide product and enterprise B2B platform departments submitted a request for “Method and System for Using Digital Signatures to Create Trusted Digital” Asset Services.n
nThe application itself does not make clear a lot of details, the invention description is applicable to the public chain and private chain, suggesting that the system can be used to send digital assets.n
nApplication explanation:n
nnSome form of digital assets associated with the transfer of value can be digitally signed by the sending entity or the administrative subject The signature of the sender can indicate that the digital asset is legally sent and that the signature of the administrative entity can indicate that the digital asset has been approved or recorded. In some form, the digital signature can indicate that the digital asset has been transferred and the value can not be retrieved. “n
nnIt is unclear whether Visa plans to launch digital asset services based on block-chain technology.n
nThe payment card giant has been building a chain-based payment service, and now with the technology start company Chain to build B2B platform, and plans to launch this year.n

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