Credit Suisse plans to launch a chain loan platform in 2018

nnnSurprise: Credit Suisse, which has been active in the chain chain area, said the syndicated loan trial, which began last fall, is in progress and plans to launch a syndicated chain-based syndicated loan business platform next year. Through this platform, focus on the borrower funds, reduce the time and cost of capital preparation, the use of intelligent contracts to increase process efficiency, attract investors and lenders. Help in the capital structure to take precedence over the bond loan to play its due position.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nNews reports, a group of banking institutions led by Credit Suisse, plans to launch a chain-based syndicated loan business platform.n
nEmmanuel Aidoo, the project leader, was interviewed by financial magazine EuroMoney, saying the syndicated loan trial began last year and is currently underway.n
nn”We or other participating banks as intermediaries, we strive to some small-scale loan transactions on the distributed books platform, the use of smart contracts, next year for production.”n
nnParticipating organizations completed the second phase of the test in March, conceptually, the test looked at the syndicated loan market, which was built on the chain chain, with a number of lenders focused on lending to individuals. The organization hopes that the chain of chains can reduce barriers to opponents and reduce the time and cost of providing the necessary funds.n
nAidoo said the use of smart contracts to reduce turnaround time can increase the market’s attractiveness to potential lenders and investors.n
nn”Many investors, including mutual funds and asset managers, may be attracted by capital-based loans on bonds, but are postponed because of the settlement time of the loan transaction.”n

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