Crypto currency debacle bitcoin dropping $5000

Source: financial website

Crypto currency bitcoin recovery week decline, since 2017 years 10 months for the first time since dropping 5000 dollars, before a major encryption currency bifurcation, and the regulatory authorities for the first time issued tokens (ICO) strengthened review.

Bitcoin fell 6.1% to $5119. Other encryption currency decline, Ethernet square fell 12%, Wright currency is down 13%. In the digital currency, only reboxetine currency rose. The Milky Way Bloomberg currency index fell 78.4% encryption, to close calculation is the lowest level of the year.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission announced that the two companies for the first time out of the civil cryptocurrencies ticket, because they are not registered as securities ICO. SEC said at a press conference on November 16th, Airfox Paragon and Coin Inc. to come up with $250 thousand to compensate investors, and must be registered as securities digital tokens.

SEC request token issuer to refund investors, causing people to other similar concerns about the company. Encryption currency volatility regression. Last week, bitcoin cash (Bitcoin Cash) hard to bifurcate, mainly the decrease in the market value of billions of dollars of money encryption. This is because the hard forked branch of two software development groups failed to upgrade the original bitcoin agreement, leading to computing arms race.

According to, the peak of encryption currency industry since January has depreciated more than $660 billion. Data show that bitcoin since December 2017 highs fell more than 70%.

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