Crypto currency plunged across the board, bitcoin languishing nearly 13% fell below $5000 mark

Source: smart finance network

APP smart finance was informed that, due to pessimism persists after bitcoin fell below $6000 in currency for a week, yesterday fell 12.83%, fell below $5000 mark, at $4720. In the past 7 days, bitcoin fell over 22%; this year tired fell more than 60%; compared with the all-time high of more than 70% fell tired.

The Singapore futures brokerage firm Oanda Asia Pacific Trading director Stephen Innes said bitcoin is still bearish, “a long time from the firm perspective, the rise of regulators and the banking system will continue to resist the virtual market”.

Low except for the coins also fell on Monday cryptocurrencies months. The ether currency plunged 16.11% to $149, a record low of 16 months; Wright currency plunged 14.14% to $35.69; reboxetine currency fell 4.33% to $0.489.

According to CoinMarketCap data show that the total value of digital encryption currency has dropped to $171 billion, a decline on Friday more than $10 billion.

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