Cryptocurrency Reds were accused of fueling the “high shipping” behavior

nRunaway Comment: Like all other industries, there is also marketing in the cryptocurrency space. With the increasing variety of cryptocurrencies, many tokens are seeking to increase value through marketing. As a result, some people who have a say in cryptocurrencies will use their influence to promote unknown tokens for high-value remuneration. Recently, people have started to accuse some of the industry’s Reds in fueling the “high shipping” behavior. While it is unlikely to eliminate this phenomenon, it is still important to remind these cryptocurrencies celebrities to recognize their responsibilities.n
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The impact of a tweetn
Encrypting currency traders will give novices some advice, but this is not free. They always get some rewards, such as buying their own recommended currency before sharing a reminder or linking the referral to the exchange. These practices are at least transparent and no one will comment on their profitability through their own knowledge. However, some people have caused some controversy.n

One of the names people often refer to when talking about “high shipping” in the cryptocurrency market is John McAfee. The maverick programmer has been a propagandist in the cryptocurrency world, and he quickly uncovered his potential. With more than 500,000 fans on his Twitter account, these people see each of his words as truth and he has been used to market copycat money. The Telegram trading community is also now encouraging fans to set up an update reminder for McAfee’s Twitter, then flocking to buy their newly recommended tokens.n
Dark art of social marketingn
When social media Reds receive money to promote a product or service, they intentionally reveal some of the news; many celebrities are in trouble because they did not do anything to get money. However, the world of cryptocurrencies is darker because the community is like a village, and it seems that everyone knows each other and mutual support is a part of doing business. Red people collect money by encrypting money, there is no transparency at all. Many people are willing to participate in such an act, but some also object to it, claiming that they have rescinded more than 10,000 U.S. dollars and are reluctant to promote certain tokens or ICOs.n

Computer security expert John McAfee claims his account is blackn
But not many people, such as McAfee, who are unscrupulous, the purchasing power of a large number of fans will make the so-called less famous tokens prices soared, but then rapidly decline. That was a ridiculous hit on Wednesday, as the Twitter account of “the father of antivirus software” sent a series of tweets that promoted several kinds of coins, both of which had risen in price. However, McAfee said that his account has been hacked, it appeared this situation.n

At the same time have an important responsibility to influencen
Even if cryptocurrencies do not want to manipulate markets, they still unknowingly lead to price volatility, especially when the founders of a currency are well known, such as Ether and Litecoin. Vitalik Buterin and Charlie Lee all have a huge impact on Twitter. Every move they make has a significant short-term impact on currency prices, such as Buterin mentioned Omisego or Li Kaiwei praised Decred. Curiously, the news of the deaths of these important people has a greater impact on the market. In fact, there was a fake news of Vitalik Buterin’s death earlier this year.n
Reds, such as John McAfee, want to convince others of their own words, then they are to arouse people’s concern about promising cryptocurrencies. But even then, their behavior can be exploited by crooks. McAfee has had to stay away from some liar account that will give him 25 bitcoins to promote a token. In the world of cryptocurrencies, it seems impossible to eliminate conflicts of interest and the power of individuals. However, bitcoin is largely unaffected by “high deliveries” due to its huge market share and decentralized nature. However, it is not uncommon for other cryptocurrencies.n

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