Culturecom game platform will be available bitcoin Jay Chou shares

Culturecom game platform will be available bitcoin Jay Chou shares

On June 26th news, according to Hongkong, Ming Pao reported, once in the world of virtual currency bitcoin speculation (Bitcoin), although the price large devaluation, but in the financial business of large Internet companies reject bitcoin when Culturecom (0343) by UCAN’s gaming platform Taiwan pop singer songwriter Jay Chou shares I believe, this is more beneficial in the small and medium sized enterprises using bitcoin as a trading channel. 该公司行政总裁彭程认为,相比利用信用卡交易而言,利用比特币交易为“零成本”,对他们更有吸引力。

Peng Cheng pointed out that if the mobile game business through the iTunes platform to release the game at any time, businesses have to pay 1/3 income to iTunes as operating expenses. If the client can use the Visa and Master credit card payment, businesses also need to pay 3% to 10% income according to the income as cross-border service fee. The payment service fee, the game often can only retrieve 10% income as profit. Of course, other distribution channels such as Google, other platforms will be relatively open, but because Google is not able to visit the mainland and the impact of sales. The relative bitcoin at zero cost and open environment, can attract the game to bitcoin as a trading channel.

Although the mainland regulators banned the licensed financial institutions involved in bitcoin transactions, large network operators can not use bitcoin, Peng Cheng believes that this small company to develop advantageous instead of bitcoin trading channels. UCAN in the treatment of bitcoin transactions, because regulators consider bitcoin commodity characteristics, will be on hand received bitcoin as inventory, in the financial statement. This means that once appeared bitcoin increases, the company will make a. To meet the requirements of regulatory agencies handling the transaction with money laundering and to understand the customer requirements, the customer does not want to submit transactions too much personal data, they will try to simplify the transaction procedures and the sale of silver code to shrink. Because bitcoin transaction processing silver code less, it also helps to reduce UCAN in the face of bitcoin fell sharply in value of risk.

UCAN preliminary plan at the end of July and early August launch of mobile games bitcoin payment, the next step will be extended to offline applications. Peng Cheng stressed that the company received bitcoin, not intended for speculative arbitrage, will only be used for daily business transactions.

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