Currency bitcoin Cong Encyclopedia: history of the second part, the origin and development of bitcoin symbol

In the two part of a series of articles about bitcoin critical moment in history, we will research lead to the selection of unique symbols and the corresponding logo. As the Internet records show that the first bitcoin logo is one of the few non technical aspects in bitcoin, which has the right to speak in the hearing.

From the baht to bitcoin

Ten years ago, when Satoshi published his paper, and genesis in the mining block after more than two months, there are still a lot of bitcoin need to establish. No wallet, no block explorer, no AC – in fact not even exchange rate. There is no representative bitcoin currency symbol. Mark the first attempt by Satoshi to design their first bitcoin customers, and include a BC letter of gold. However, at the beginning of 2010, when a small community began, the talking is going to replace it, a represents the first encryption currency Unicode role.

“I suggest we adopt the baht currency symbol as the official bitcoin currency symbol and BTC as the official currency bitcoin three letter code,” Bitcointalk forum member “NewLibertyStandard” wrote in February 5, 2010. (four months ago, the same person use real money to buy the first bitcoin payment of $5.02. 5050 bitcoin) After a heated discussion, some forum users worry that will cause confusion baht symbol.

The first bitcoin client, the upper left corner is Satoshi BC

The new symbol of the new era

In November 1, 2010, the forum user “bitboy” share in the new design of bitcoin logo, trademark is now presented in white and orange, completed the “rotation: clockwise 14%”, this is a position so far. “Interestingly, according to several theories, the dollar symbol originated in two vertical bars (1) instead of one,” opened in NewLibertyStandard before a symbol in the thread, Hal Finney in trouble. So far is 2011 years; talk slowly move back.

Bitcoin sign. In contrast, bitcoin cash mark inclined in the opposite way.

In order to bitcoin and lack of long-term governance remain the same, even if the Satoshi remains in play for the benevolent dictator, should adopt what kind of symbol almost no consensus. In the middle of the 2011 poll, however, saw an overwhelming majority of forum users vote, leading options, such as beta, and. Until June 2017, bitcoin finally won the Unicode and become the symbol of his own. Interestingly, the word “bitcoin” does not appear in the Satoshi’s seminal paper, only appears in the title and it directly on the following.Org domain name. Bitcoin, whether in BTC, XBT, or that are not brand promotion – but to change the world. Note 1: the dollar sign is a large and two vertical lines. About the origin of the symbol, there are a lot of argument, one of the most common two. One argument is that in this sign a narrow U written in a wide S written on it on behalf of the United States (United States); another is that it is the evolution of PS composite writing, PS is an early round coin of the United States pesos (Pesos) abbreviation before the formal establishment of the mint coins in 1974 the United States has been in general. Then the United States government recognized $this symbol as a unit of the new currency, namely a dollar. In writing, to be placed in front of the digital $. Such as the $1 should be written in $1, $50 and $50. That is, don’t necessarily see $, $. In some other countries and regions, the name of the currency will use $. For the sake of distinction, the dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Singapore dollar, Hongkong yuan respectively by US, Can, A $$$$$, NZ, S and HK $said. That is to say, the dollar can also add 1 vertical vertical 2. (source: know, Mr. bad tea)

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