Currency: Cong 5 reasons to tell you why now bitcoin investment and encryption currency is not too late

Today the quality of life of ordinary people is the product of years of innovation, invention and production. Our daily life including other people creating solutions that make life easier, more simple. Have a huge impact on the way we live today one of the system is money.

Money is just a common criterion of value. It enables people to quantify the correlation and then enjoy the reward. Do people think useful things when others make money, but with money, they can not personally get their production of goods and services according to the social value of the measure.

The financial system based on the current legal tender notes, is famous.

These currencies issued by countries all over the world, mainly based on individual countries wit and power. The first is not the case. For example, the dollar once held by the Fed’s gold support. But in 1971, the currency has been canceled the gold standard, the dollar basically get the reputation of the United states.

In a specific time interval, the financial ladder will be overwhelmed by the rising people of greed or be negligent, and the occurrence of crisis.

The recent financial crisis, which occurred on 2008, by the U.S. housing prices led to a substantial decline. The biggest problem is not stock, decrease employment and asset value on the contrary, the solution more disturbing. In order to stabilize the economy and increase of more funds, without any additional value.

In addition, those people who make mistakes (i.e. bankers) seems to be a solution of the reward (i.e. government assistance).

There is no doubt that bitcoin in 2008 during the crisis fundamentally without rising, and began to gain momentum. The idea is simple: a value of the exchange point of media. It aims to cut bank control of capital, and provide a fixed supply of exchange.

This is a simple case of encryption currency.

Although encryption industry has changed from where it starts to go a long way, but it is not too late to invest. At present, the investment industry is the best encryption advocates changing the global financial industry. In addition to the fact that it has defects, the current system has been outdated, obsolete, and needs to be changed.

Crypto has the ability to provide financial inclusion for anyone, no matter where they are.

If you think you missed the boat in encryption, you’re not actually. Here are 5 reasons to invest in bitcoins and encryption currency not too late.

Why invest in bitcoin currency and encryption is not too late

1. of the money market the current value of encryption is a small part of the value of the company

Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision is to become a new form of currency currency encryption. Since bitcoin visionary white paper since the industry has come a long way, but with the circulation of funds and financial value compared to today, it is still very small. At present, the total market value of the industry is slightly lower than the $200 billion encryption. Compared with Amazon and apple as the company’s current valuation, this figure is very small. The company’s valuation is their today’s valuation, although they do not provide services for half of the world population. At the same time, if the encryption currency achieved a long-term vision of new forms of money, a large part of the world (if not the whole world) will use encryption currency. In other words, imagine if the two companies decided to encrypt their money into the system what will happen. At present, many encryption project is a partnership, which will enhance the usability and help accelerate the application block chain and encryption currency.

In addition, when we see the picture above, obviously in the total value of global currency currency encryption in the foothold there is a long way to go. In order to humble expression, we can assume it will reach and gold at the same level degree. But considering the encryption instead of physical capital vision, its advantage is huge. 2. financial institutions have not yet all layout

The money has not yet been encrypted stable regulatory constraints. In fact, many pundits in the definition of “argument encryption currency” is what. Some people say that this is money, some people say is a commodity, others do not agree. People are still worried about the securities law may be applicable to some encryption currency. These doubts and fears, and more, to institutional investors venture into encryption currency. At present most of the value of currency pricing for encryption from technology enthusiasts, some traders and financial capitalists. Organization capital is usually very huge and by the large investment company management, but not in the encryption industry risk. Morgan Stanley has hinted that interest and fidelity has gone one step ahead. Other people are expected to pick up, so as not to be forgotten. 3. encryption industry still has great room for growth

Although encryption has been solved and currency remittance related issues, but the use of the blockchain there are still some problems need to be solved. Block chain platform allows developers to make their day better optimize its function. For example, Ethernet is still expanding solution on the square, bitcoin Lightning Network better handle high transaction loads. It can be said that the current market value of the industry reflects the status quo of encryption encryption project. So far, 100 encryption currency only 36 with the work product, which indicates that the industry is still in its infancy. About the current nature of another growth area and encryption market, this appears to be mainly driven by speculation and emotions, rather than the actual technological progress. The market needs time to mature, less affected by market sentiment, and driven by the actual progress. With the further development of block chain technology and encryption of the investor, we can see in the actual use and market value are growing exponentially. 4. encryption in a crisis as a store of value potential

A world of problems existing in the current financial system is that people tend to use their currencies from the. Although some people are lucky enough to live in a sound financial system of the country, but others have found themselves in a financial situation less responsible country. The government may confuse the financial industry, the people have no choice, only to adhere to their own national currency. The guidance is not state-owned or government encryption currency. They are not physical, so as not to bring the body burden. With a purse or hardware address and private key encryption currency wallet, can become a store of wealth, especially in times of crisis. Some recent examples include Venezuela and Zimbabwe’s economic crisis. Bitcoin is usually considered in this way, the total supply of 21 million. The storage of wealth at the top of the encrypted currency sounds reasonable. If bitcoin is regarded worldwide as a store of value, then it may promote the demand for it. This is because people are willing to buy and hold it, but will be available only as a last resort. 5. more and more companies are working in its industry application block chain technology

In July 2018, Forbes lists are used to explore the blockchain technology of 50 listed companies. The list includes American Express, Oracle, IBM, Facebook, Kang Custer etc.. These efforts by the company as a block chain development is a positive signal for the future of the industry. Although these developments may not have a direct impact on the encryption of the value of the currency, but the success of block chain in other uses in use may produce spillover effects, and encourage the use of encryption as a whole. Because many companies have to consider the block chain integrated into its operations, if we see the future enterprise 5 to 10 years with substantial growth of the crypto currency be not at all surprising. Business oriented projects and providing the block chain that services will only accelerate enterprise use. conclusion

The investment of encryption currency is not just to buy coins and wait for the pump or soaring prices. The use of useful skills in space to create something is an investment or development. Create and encrypt complementary useful products and services industry can also be classified as investment. Although the investment usually involves the purchase of coins, but it is more than this. Most encryption currency value is reduced by more than 70% in 2018 years (from the highest point). Many people hope that in January (in the peak period) they buy bitcoin for $6000. Now, they only $6000, they are skeptical. This is not to encourage you to the purchase price of bitcoin or any encryption currency – this is to let you understand the investment in the process of thinking mode. Whether we love or not, at some point in the future, the financial system will completely change. This is the famous saying that “change is the only constant.” Bankers have their time, encryption seems to be the next era of the financial industry. As Anthony Pompliano said, “let the bankers short!”

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