Currency exchange: IEO encryption routines on the left and right in the hope

 Currency exchange: IEO encryption routines on the left and right in the hope

The first quarter of 2019, the money seems to have deserted the circle filled with the “currency security leading out of the bear market” and in fact touted high-profile sound, it seems to have a little meaning.

With an 1 month coin to restart the Binance Launchpad, BTT FET, launched a series of two popular projects, during the platform with very strong currency BNB pulled up, a time to become the focus of currency circle, since the concept of IEO is thoroughly introduced.

This is from the concept of transaction type mining short-lived 18 years after the madness, “encrypted currency exchange” were again found to be set off a burst of waves in a bear market rally. And this seems to be a little different.

A positive view, think it would be detonated bull outpost.

Some people seem to be pessimistic, just changed the name (ICO) to the same old stuff.

Although unable to discern what kind of attitude is correct, but one thing is undeniable, insiders are ultimately IEO hot point potential wake up the long silent heart, began to stir up.

A breakthrough, head exchange

That coin ring bear market, most afraid of is not falling, but endless, endless sideways.

This is not only for the project, Token Fund, retail currency speculation is true for encrypted currency exchange — one of the links of the currency circle of the most important ecological chain, is also no exception.

When the bear market, small exchange groups collapsed, the project is not made a leave, is the lack of money to do a lot of market management, Token Fund is an empty shell, who is the leek retail quilt can not move, “winter” from a large, status of the currency circle capital dried up.

Short chain reaction leads to exchange currency price line most of the time the cross into a straight line, no money effect, it is becoming more and more No one shows any interest in exchange. Even if the currency, coins, the fire safety of OK several head exchange, in addition to playing contract leverage, quantitative strategies, fried spot is not the real transaction number of users.

During the bull market, they rely on trading platform trading revenue fees, project fees coins on the main source of income, naturally fast. Today, eating the old exchange, can only continue to try to explore the other direction of drainage and suction gold.

OK minor with “pig”;

What do fire currency opened business contracts;

Money, is to find another way to break through overseas advantages, restart the Binance Launchpad opened the first IEO tour.

In fact, this wave of currency has become an attempt of the most successful, not only pocketed the eye, also with other home users.

These two days are the major platform can scarcely wait to keep up, OKEx CEO JayHao announced “OK Jumpstar IEO” brand in micro-blog, also came to the fire coins do Huobi Prime, even Bittrex has also established exchanges overseas for the first time that IEO mode.

The head platform has poured into the small platform closely followed, lit by the flame of IEO.

Only in IEO hot behind the audit mechanism to audit platform as a screening project, there are also people seem to doubt.

Second, the money effect IEO

When we talk about IEO, actually the most preferred associate is the effect of making money, despite this, others are empty.

So IEO is actually a hit, thanks to the currency security first project BitTorrent (BTT) on-line success, opening up 5 times, the highest up to 10 times during the bear market can have such gains, itself is a great topic.

But it can not help but make people will go to the famous currency speculation, Ann launched its own platform to raise the public, if not a hit, was the natural neglect in the bear market, the end of a “collapse”, the need for heat coins ANN, apparently not to do this work.

On the other hand, BTT is behind the currency circle recognized marketing ability 1 Sun Yuchen in the main push, since the wave field single month 100 times are still visible before the eyes. Two strong selection of their respective areas of cooperation, in fact before BTT’s answer is already there, or IEO the first great success is imperative.

After the launch of the AI Fetch project, in front of the line also suffered a lot of questions, said more evaluation agencies: the implementation of FETCH technology and eventually landed on both faces great obstacles, there are many doubts and contradictions in the white paper, there are many uncertainties.

However, money is still in the capital circle is currently dominated the game world, as long as there is heat, earning potential, will be chasing funds, real time quality project seems to be long behind.

FETCH project open grab on the eve of the Internet is also a packet waiting there, staying up late, very lively, eventually it to 5 times or opening, but since then all the way down, also set a lot to offer retail.

In the coin circle, seems to have no brain stud gene have been, the surge in fantasy, retail investors still do research project objective, make rational investment choice.

Recently Bitmax bit mainland investment will be on its own line of the IEO project, DOS, is currently the light OTC has reached 5 times the price of private equity, at first, can give a person a kind of like back to the ICO for 17 years during the crazy illusion.

Three, from the bull market to bear IEO ICO

On a bull market, Xing Yu ICO, also died in ICO.

Death is fundamental to the crazy period, the market has entered a state of disorder, irrational investors, various Shell project misappropriating break, cast run away incident, what are the monsters and freaks of all descriptions jumped out.

If IEO and ICO what is the difference between the words, for filtering the most basic shell (or marketing) a market loss and to avoid to get money caused by this, there is a certain degree of protection.

After the emergence of STO, largely because of the middle audit institutions as the trust endorsement, was repeatedly been discussed the possibility of development, only limited in the traditional institutions, and influence of the traditional market, extensive circulation of tokens it is very difficult to achieve, and this is the difference between IEO and STO.

However, where there are people, there must be selfish. At present, the trading platform is by manipulation, so the real pros and cons from the judgment on the project, always need to make a question mark.

Because of the center of the platform as the intermediate verification, equivalent to the project side to add platform endorsement, as an ordinary investor, that is not on the platform, project approval.

From another perspective, this also is to give them the right to deceive us, ordinary investors can only passively to believe that all project selection trading platform are real.

The breakdown of the past two years of history, in fact, with similar Center Authority endorsed the consequences are not too good. If the fund-raising project focused on the trend of exchange hands, they can maintain the integrity of the long-term, will have the black box operation, or behind how small abacus, which is a potential risk.

Therefore, how to use more objective methods to solve this one problem, the exchange may also need to think about.

Four, detonated the bull market opportunity?

Of course, everything has two sides, the bear market period will still part of the blockchain entrepreneurs low-key work approach, and financing has become a Hom lie in front of them, if the trading platform to uphold the principles of the situation, provide a financing channel for them, also is to solve a demand point.

In addition, if more than one IEO project can be in line after the currency price increase keep optimistic, the money effect will naturally attract more funding approach, engraved on a circle will have a possibility.

Admittedly, the financial attributes of currency circle, this circle is doomed to reality. Now in the winter, the lack of funds, but also caused the entire ecological operation problems, if the hot IEO can open this predicament, on the floor are good friends now.

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